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Top 12 Boys! Oh what a letdown.

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Andrew Garcia! Jermaine Sellers! Aaron Kelly!

These guys were the voices of Hollywood week! SOOOO WHAT HAPPENED?!?! Everybody was mediocre…except for Casey and Andrew Garcia. More on them later.

We didn’t have any Imagine moments (David Archuleta) or Moodys Mood For Love (Elliott Yamin), Daydream (Jason Castro),or Hello (David Cook). Need a refresher on what an amazing semi-finals performance sounds like.. take a gander

David Archuleta-Imagine

(this is what you with the Pimp spot of the night)

Elliott Yamin-Moody’s Mood For Love

(This is how you sing a difficult song and nail it)

David Cook- Hello

(this is how you establish yourself as a favorite)

Jason Castro- Daydream

(This is how you make up for NO airtime! Come out swingin’!)

Last night we got no performances that will be remember like these, except for Andrew Garcias take on Fall Out Boys “Sugar We’re Goin’ Down”

So lets go in order and re-live these performances, which for the most part weren’t very good.

Todrick Hall – The diva and a half. Took me to hear the chorus to realize what song he was singing. I did not like the arrangement at all. Nice that he took a risk, instead of singing Usher or something that’s been done. Unfortunately the risk didn’t pay off. He may be in trouble.

Aaron Kelly- He became the first victim of these overly sensitive, terribly mixed mics. I guarantee that if he had done that in season 7, that would have sounded perfect and amazing. Something is weird with the sound mix, and Ellen brought it up earlier in the show. I liked Aaron, he lacks confidence and star quality. He’ll make the Top 12 for sure just on airtime and adorable-ness alone.

Jermaine Sellers- The other Diva! But he was by far my favorite male audition of the year. But he tried to do TOO MUCH with his vocals. His voice is so perfect by doing simple riffs. No need to go as high as he does. And WHAT SONG was that?? He would have killed a Ne-Yo song, or remix a song the way he did with Joan Osbourne during his audition. This was my most disapointing performance of the night. I had HIGH expectations.  But he’ll be safe though.

Tim Urban– OneRepublics “Apologize” needs to go in the vault (along with Hearts “Alone) and never be sung again. David Archuleta was amazing with it. Oh Tim Tim Tim. From the first note and weird look into the camera, I knew this was the trainwreck of trainwrecks. And does Tim own a forehead? Can someone tell me? The judges are right, he may be safe because girls like him. We’ll see. He should go home in my book.

Joe Munoz- This was the guy who could have had a Jason Castro moment. He has had little to no airtime at all. So this was his moment to come out and tell America why he is on the show. And he kind of did it. He didn’t vomit on stage, so that was a plus. But no one will talk about this performance next week. I think he maybe in trouble, but I’d like for him to stick around.

Tyler Grady– He got lost in the fray during Hollywood, but he’s got huge personality. For me, his performance is when the show kicked off. Great energy, decent vocals, awesome stage presence. Next week, he has to sing something current and “Visit the mall” like he said. The show and judges are the ones that keep mentioning the “70’s” style”, he doesn’t make an issue out of it. Then they judge him about it… no bueno.  But he’s definitely safe.

Lee Dewyze- The most polarizing performance of the night! The judges were split (Simon LOVED it, the others didn’t. Which is rare) and the bloggers have been split on this guy! He took advantage of what little airtime he had during Hollywood and impressed judges and viewers. I love his natural tone and rasp to his voice. A lot of flat moments in this performance, so it was very frustrating to watch. They need monitors in their ears so they can hear themselves. Easily fixed. I liked his performance mostly based on what his voice is capable of. HE NEEDS TO SING USE SOMEBODY NEXT WEEK! That will be his Imagine or Hallelujah (Jason Castro) moment. Favorite moment of the night: When Ryan asked “What does it feel like, first time performing in front of millons? Lee says: Feels like I never want to lose this feeling…” OH,  He’s safe.

John Park- Wrong song! Wrong song! Wrong song! Last time this song was sung on the show, Katharine McPhee auditioned with it. And that should have remained the last time it was sung. John is my 2nd favorite Korean guy to grace the stage: Big ups to PAUL KIM! But I think this song was a tad better of a choice because it showed more range than Careful Whisper (which is what Season 6’s Paul Kim chose).  Ellen was right, it’s not the song you choose to have all the girls screaming after you. Next week, he needs to pick a song that’s more current that he can make his own! But he’s safe.

Michael Lynche- First question, why did he have a guitar?! He didn’t strum it once, twice maybe? The vocals were ho-hum. I think his personality shone through and that’ll carry him through. But the performance was ho-hum at best.  He needs to sing a ballad next time and just knock it out of the park. Not the John Park. haha. He’s safe.

Alex Lambert- This kid has got such a great tone to his voice, probably one of my favorites. But wow this is the most awkward performance in the semi finals since Jason Yeager season 7 “Moon River.” REMEMBER HIM!?! He should be singing on cruise ships and making really good money!

Back to Alex, he has a great voice, but terribly awkward on stage. So if he stays (which he might), he’ll need to do A LOT of work to stick around again.

Casey James- Did you guys hear about him and Kara? Oh you have? Its because thats all they talk about with him! Which is too bad, because this guy is awesome. What a great look, style and voice! Complete package. If he doesn’t screw up, he’ll go deep into the Top 12. Maybe 5 or 6, but a theme week will be the end for him, I can tell. This was probably my favorite performance of the night besides Andrews. And DEFINITELY my favorite version of Bryan Adams “Heaven” sung on the show. Its been done by David Archuleta and Elliott Yamin (possibly others? Let me know!). But I loved him starting out with the acoustic, great choice. He’s DEFINITELY safe.

Andrew Garcia- My man! The guy who sang “Straight Up” during Hollywood Week. The judges just did not enjoy his rendition of Fall Out Boy’s “Sugar We’re Goin’ Down” and I was floored. I could tell it wasn’t on the level with “Straight Up” but compared to the earlier performances, this was tops. It was original and it showcased his vocals, although I can seem him challenging his vocals even more. Maybe a stripped down Maroon 5 song? But I absolutely dug it, so much in fact HERE’s the performance right here! Oh yeah he’s safe, blah blah. Obviously!



Tim Urban

Tim Urban

Joe Munoz

Just forgettable

And also stephi told me to let you guys know her choices for elimination are TIM URBAN and JERMAINE SELLERS!

So there we go! That’s it for round 1 of Semi-finals! Tonight are the results and a live performance by ALLISON IRAHETA singing Scars!

We’ll see if we were right or wrong!





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Imagine performing there? Intense.

DAVID HERE. Hollywood week has arrived! And we couldn’t have wanted more out of it! We got Ellen (more on her later), Andrew Garcia, Crystal Bowersox and other standouts! Also I noticed a lot more terrible performances considering these people were sent through over 100,000’s! I get bad makes for good TV but some of the crap performances were from people whom we saw little from before! Btw, is anyone else getting the feeling that the show is REALLY trying hard to find the next Taylor Swift?? I’m absolutely getting that vibe (Janell Weaver, Charity Vance, Katie Stevens…)

We also said goodbye to some Utterly Horrendous favorites that we had spotlighted during the audition process. One favorite didn’t even go to Hollywood. Danelle Hayes, who was our favorite audition in Denver. Forgot about her, here’s her audition:

Turns out that this beautiful lady had a history that Idol didn’t want to deal with. According to RadarOnline, her rap sheet is fairly extensive (DUI, Marijuana possession). Some of the occurrences were when she was a minor, so they should have been forgiven. Especially considering the fact that these auditions occurred LAST YEAR! They did not have to show her audition at all. They could have left her anonymous, since she wasn’t able to move on in the competition anyway.

Some of the favorites we said goodbye to were:

Erica Rhodes (former Barney kid)

So beautiful, we will see here again in the future.

Bernadette DeSimone

She will definitely be missed by me.

Paige Dechausse

Would have loved to see her go farther into the comp.

Matt Lawrence


Shouldn't have touched Gwen.

The first days of solo performances brought out some great great performances. I’m sure there were some stellar ones that they didn’t air. But I will go on the record and say that the best solo performance EVER on the show for Hollywood Week goes to Andrew Garcia and his incredible rendition of “Straight Up”. Check it out:


Another stand-out for me was Janell Wheeler. Beautiful and crazy good voice…

Now for the moment we have all been waiting for MONTHS! The anticipation has been building! Ellen has arrived on Idol! It seems like yesterday that we saw this footage from the Ellen show

Here’s a clip from E! News showing Ellen on the judges panel for the first time.

First of all, let me tell you that I have been ecstatic from the beginning about her judging on Idol. I think she is the funniest female comic the world has ever heard. She is Top 10 comedian of all time, and she has proven herself a ratings juggernaut with her daytime talk show. For those reasons alone, I knew this would be an amazing idea. People have been complaining about her as a judge, suggesting that she knows nothing of the music industry and she’s unqualified to judge a singing competition. I argue that by saying as a superstar comedienne for 20 years+, she knows what it takes to be a crowd pleaser. And that is number 1 when it comes to being a pop sensation. As a comedienne she has to have full control of the audience, like a singer. So she knows EXACTLY what to look for in the next American Idol. Lastly, she has been a huge supporter of the contestants, having them on her show after their elimination. So I think the first week of Hollywood gave us a glimpse of how great its going to be having Ellen on the judges panel.

What was that?? U want me to get to the Ground Round!? WELL, OF COURSE!

OH GROUP DAY! HOW I’VE MISSED YOU!! *Stephani will be providing the Top 10 Hollywood moments later* One thing I have a problem with Group Day is that the show is about finding the best performer, not group mate. So why leave your fate up to 2 or 3 other strangers? The group day is only for the drama, and don’t get me wrong: I LOVE THE DRAMA! But a lot of contestants that were great have fallen because of group days. Nonetheless, I love watching Group Days. There are always a few stand out performances. For example this performance of “Irreplaceable” from Michelle Delamor, Ashley Rodriguez, Charity Vance.

Actually, watching it again; not as good as I remember it. haha. But I don’t edit myself. I’m leaving it in, and i’ll just add another video of a group I enjoyed. This is Team Awesome, which is made up of Seth Rollins, Michael Castro (How come he hasn’t been acknowledged once?! Oh cause he goes home after this.),  Michael Lynche, Tim Urban. Unfortunately Seth Rollins was sent packing. I always root for the bigger guys with great voices.

Speaking of DRAMA!!!! Team Neapolitan VS. Destiny’s Wyld!

Wow. This was my favorite storyline of the episode (next to the Mary Powers power-trip over poor Hope Davis). Apparently the very loud Destiny’s Wyld (Theri, Todrick Hall, Jareb Liewer, Siobhan Magnus) feel that Team Neapolitan (Liz Rooney, Thaddeus Johnson, Jessica Cunningham, and Paige Miles) stole their idea of singing Lady Gagas “Bad Romance” A cappella. Btw, I’m going on record as saying Jareb Liewer has become the most annoying contestant with the LEAST amount of stage time! WOW! I didn’t hear him sing til Destiny’s Wyld, but he has been seen screaming and yelling in the background of many episodes. So, I’m going on record as saying I am not a fan of his. With that being said, here are the two videos of both groups performing.

I can’t talk about G-Day and not mention Mary Powers and that mess of a group! Wow. Hollywood week is known for bringing the worst out of people, and here’s hoping that is the worst out of Mary Powers. Not a cute side, at all. Also in that video showed the group of Andrew Garcia, Katie Stevens (Who has been amazing), and J.B Afhua (who has auditioned in the past I think). That group sang the heck out of Alicia Keys “No One” So keep an eye out for that.

Overall, the first week of Hollywood delivered above in talent as well as drama! My continuing frustration with Hollywood week is the number of performances we see. I understand its a matter of logistics, but I’d love to see more than 5 groups perform during group day; or 8 solo performances the first day. I understand they edit the show for us to grow attached to certain contestants, but it’d be nice. That’s all I’m saying.

Well, there you have it! 1st week of Hollywood is in the bag! We have 70+ contestants left to whittle down to 24. By this time next week, we will have our top 24. Unless of course you read spoilers, then you already know. But I’m old fashioned!

Could American Idol Survive WITHOUT Simon Cowell? YES.

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This is how Fox sees Simon.

That’s right. I said it. American Idol could thrive in a Simon-less world. The show has grown to a point where it is bigger than the sum of its parts. With Ellen coming in this year, I believe that the show has been revitalized even more so (including the attention Adam Lambert has been getting post-idol) then ever.
Several press outlets are reporting that Season 9 can be the final season for Simon Cowell. The reason being that Simon has plans to bring the UK hit show X-Factor stateside. X-Factor notably brought Leona Lewis to international attention when she won the contest in its 3rd season.

For those of you who don’t know (if you found yourself to this page, i’m sure you do know), X-Factor is a show very similar to the American Idol format, except that the show also includes vocal groups.  Simon Cowell created X-Factor after putting Pop Idol (UK Idol) on permanent hiatus. Cowell wanted a show where he owned all the rights.

If the show were to lose Simon Cowell, they would be losing his brutal honest and snide comments. Especially during the auditions early on in the season. So they would have to find someone who has enough celebrity status and has a similar personality to keep that arc a float.

Initially, viewers will be a bit disjointed without Cowell, but the show has always been about the contestants and their fan bases they develop. Cowell and the other judges are definitely pillars of the show, but this year will show that the judges do NOT make the show. The ratings will remain consistent if he lives IF given a proper replacement. BUT who will replace him?

Do you guys have any ideas who could take over for Simon Cowell IF he were to leave the show???!!!!

Short-Lived Idols

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This is a topic that I think many viewers can discuss and be passionate about…

Well, since I have my own blog, I’m going to tell you guys the people that should have stayed longer! Obviously this is in my own humble opinion (yeah I know I can write IMHO, but I love typing)

Felicia Barton ( Season 8 )

So talented. Easily Top 10 material

So talented. Easily Top 10 material

What a roller coaster she was on. First she’s eliminated the week before the semi-finals. THEN Joanna “plant” Pacitti gets kicked out for many reasons according to wikipedia:

“…that Pacitti has “very personal connections” to Michelle Young and Roger Widynowski, two executives that work at the Los Angeles office of American Idol’s 19 Entertainment.”

So then Felicia gets the call that she is BACK in the competition. I got ecstatic because she was amazing in her audition, and we also found her youtube video of her singing Alicia Keys No One. Check it out…

I KNOW RIGHT!  Here’s here audition too….

Then she performs on semi-final night, and she fell victim to the new format that I believed they used in earlier Idol seasons. If she had been given a chance to build a following she definitely could have at LEAST made the top 10! Guaranteed!  Copy/paste http://www.rickey.org/?p=12319  to see her semi-final performance!

Asia’h Epperson (Season 7)

Should have been Top 12 easily

Should have been Top 12 easily

Who can forget Asia’h Epperson? Her story during the auditions did not leave a dry eye in the house. Days before her audition, her father passed away. How can someone still go on and audition after a tragedy like that. To top it off she changes her audition song to “How do I live.” Wow. I still get chills thinking about what she went through.

I honestly don’t know how she didn’t make the top 12 over Kristy Lee Cook, Chikezie or Amanda Overmeyer! Her storyline and voice was superior to all of them. I think it was Simons criticism that did her in. Her final performance was “I wanna dance with somebody” by Whitney. Her performance has aged really well. Sometimes a performance you’re in love with doesn’t age well (anything by Constantine comes to mind or Danny Gokey), but hers is really good. Check it out here…

Constantine Maroulis (Season 4)

Easily should have been in the Top 3 of Season 4

Easily should have been Top 3 of Season 4

Yes, his performances haven’t aged well, but he should have come in 3rd this year! He’s more memorable than anyone else besides Bo and Carrie. Even though I preferred Constantine to Bo. Here’s his best performance, and one of the best in Idol History! Bohemian Rhapsody…

A.J Tabaldo (Season 6)

Easily Top 12 talent! What happened?

Easily Top 12 talent! What happened?

Honestly, his exit bugs me the most. He received universal praise after his performance of “Feelin’ Good” and he still went home. I’ll never forget, both he and Leslie Hunt sang the same song, the same week, and BOTH went home. Hence why I was a little nervous when Adam Lambert sang it (MAYBE thats why he didn’t win….oooh).  Check out A.J’s performance here…

Danny Noriega ( Season 7 )

I can name 3 Idols that should have left instead of him

I can name 3 Idols that should have left instead of him

One of the biggest divas (meant as a compliment) ever on the show. With one of the better voices, period. I don’t really know what else to say. You don’t really expect the voice that comes out of his mouth. Here’s his audition…

Then this is the week he was eliminated. I thought he showed a ton of personality. He sang it well, put his own spin on it. I thought the banter between Simon and him would help, but I guess it didn’t. He easily should have been in the top 12 at least.

Honorable Mention!

Paul Kim (Season 6)– He was the first to be eliminated in Season 6. Tons of people should have gone ahead of him. Plus he’s Asian! Gotta rep for my Asians!

Sway Penala (Season 5)– Had one of the better auditions EVER! I can’t find the clip, but he killed Superstar! It was just song choice that did him in, and little camera time.  Also Chicken Little Kevin Covais went through instead of him! REALLY? Grandmas voting multiple time.


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I cannot wait to hear the banter between her and Simon!

I cannot wait to hear the banter between her and Simon!

Here I am (09/09/09), standing in line at the Music Box in Hollywood for the David Cook concert (amazing btw!), I check my twitter and what do I see… Anoop Desai (follow him at @anoopdoggdesai) tweets

“Cool, looks like Ellen is the new fourth judge on American Idol”

*BTW: SOME of the fans that show up to David Cook are insane! SOO…with that said. I will post a seperate post about the concert experience*

None of the 40+ year olds in the line believed me when I said it. I can honestly say I didn’t believe it either. I mean Ellen has arguably the most successful daytime tv show on the planet. It’s widely admired and rarely dogged. So, there’s no WAY that she could take on another full time role on a rival network!

But it’s true! Ellen is the new permanent 4th judge on American Idol!

I think of all the possibilities:

1. She will put Simon in his place! Can you imagine her quick comebacks when he makes a snide (yet seemingly accurate comment)?

2. For once, articulated sentences on a full time basis! I love Paula. I really do. She has given me some good laughs in the past.

3. The way she would stare down certain male contestants (Season 4’s Constantine Maroulis, Season 5’s Ace Young, Corey Clark was much more than a stare down) as if she wanted to pounce them right then and there.

How does everyone feel about it? I had predicted Tommy Lee but I guess a legendary Comedienne will do!

**UPDATE** Paula Abdul spokesperson confirms NO RETURN!

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From IMDB.com:

Abdul Won’t Come Back To Idol

"I ain't comin' back bitches" says Paula

"I ain't comin' back bitches" says Paula

1 hour ago

He adds, “She feels fabulous. She feels free. I think in some ways she was typecast in Idol and she was kind of restricted from doing anything she wanted to do and now she’s free to decide. She really is very excited about the future and that there’s support for her.”

A spokesperson for Paula Abdul has blasted reports the star is set to make a dramatic return to American Idol.

A host of celebrities have filled the fourth spot on the judging panel of the TV talent show alongside Simon Cowell, Randy Jackson and Kara DioGuardi since Abdul quit the show earlier this month.

But speculation about Abdul’s involvement with the contest refused to die down as U.S. tabloids dismissed her departure as a publicity stunt.

Media outlets even speculated that the singer would resume her place in the live final rounds of the competition.

But her manager, David Sonenberg, insists Abdul is not in talks to come back.

He says there are “no discussions whatsoever about Idol.”

Paula has left American Idol. Lets talk replacements.

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I never thought I’d live to see the day…

OK, that was way more traumatic than it needed to be.

Paula Abdul announced on her Twitter (really?)

I’m still not sure how I feel about this. Obviously for better or worse she was a fixture on this show. She was one of the stars of the show. You may have loved her or hated her, but she made you feel something in the end. Her slurring of words and obviously pre-written reviews are legendary, just look at this clip.

So far the show has guest judges planned. The rumors have been running rampant on what the plans are once we get to semi’s and top 12. Here’s a list of confirmed guest judges:

Mary J Blige will be the guest judge for the Atlanta Auditions

Mary J Blige will be the guest judge for the Atlanta Auditions

Victoria POSH Beckham has already guest judged the Boston Auditions. No future appearances have been scheduled

Victoria POSH Beckham has already guest judged the Boston Auditions. No future appearances have been scheduled

Katy Perry has supposedly commited to appearing. No word on which shows. I wouldn't mind her, if she kissed a girl or two.

Katy Perry has supposedly commited to appearing. No word on which shows. I wouldn't mind her, if she kissed a girl or two.

She has my vote! As long as she dresses and stands like this for every episode.

She has my vote! As long as she dresses and stands like this for every episode.

Not Queen Latifah herself. Her breasts are both considering being guest judges for seperate episodes.

Not Queen Latifah herself. Her breasts are both considering being guest judges for seperate episodes.




The finale LIVE-BLOG! by Stephani <3

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Out of courtesy to my West Coast readers, I delayed posting until now. You’re welcome.

[I’m watching this on Tivo so the times would not be accurate. So I will be updating with bullet points.]

Here we go…

– Opening montage of Kris vs. Adam from last night. Cue dramatic freeze-frames, spotlights, overpraise from the judges and Ryan Seacrest doing what he does best.

– Adam and Kris in white! Love them. SO sexy.

– Kimberley Locke and Janice “Muppet Face” Dickinson are in the audience!

100 million votes, kiddos… Ryan’s voice just cracked at that insane number.

– Randy Jackson is dressed like a black Howdy Doody. I wish I was kidding. Cue montage of him saying “for me, for you” over and over AND OVER AGAIN in his judging.

– New judge Kara DioGuardi and a montage of her patronizing habit of calling bad auditioners “sweetie” and/or “honey”. I hate people who do that.

– Paula “Vicodin and vodka” Abdul and a montage of her using freaking SAT words. Are you guys NOW convinced that bitch reads from a script?? Was she ever this articulate before? No.

– Simon looks bored. But here’s a weird montage of him saying “what?” over and over again. I don’t get it.

– Helloooo Carrie Underwood. Nice prom dress.

– Some fix Kris’ mic please. Oh wait, Adam’s is all wonky too. This show rakes in how much money and they can’t get this right?

– Oh hai Mikalah Gordon in Conway, AR. Why is this bitch on my TV and why is she interviewing a three year old?

– The less also-ran Carly Smithson is in San Diego for Adam’s crowd… she’s less annoying than she was last year, somehow.

– OMG “So What” from Pink! I can’t help but love this song… and I am completely amused at the lack of the “I guess I just lost my husband” line. I think this is the first and last time we’ll ever hear the word “tool” on this show in that context. Megan looks bored, Scott looks lost, Adam and Allison look rawker, Jorge is running around the stage, and Michael is pointing at me. Oh look, Jasmine got a mini solo. I almost forgot about her. And Alexis is finally wearing pants.

– Hello David Cook… singing his new single “Permanent” in honor of his recently deceased brother. I think he wore this outfit on Mariah Carey night last season. Either way, I love him… this is a beautiful song. There’s nothing but raw emotion here. I wonder if the black armband he’s wearing is for his brother?

– Hello Justin Guarini and Michael Johns. Two guys I thought were super hawt in their respective seasons.

Golden Idols! This always turns out to be full of LOLs.

– Okay, other than Norman Gentle, I don’t remember any of these guys… “I’m staying… I AM STAYING….” *cue molestation of the Idol logo* “Takes one to know one, sassy pants!” Oh I loved him. And Norman Gentle wins the Golden Idol… says he doesn’t even have a speech planned… uh huh… and OFF comes the clothes and here he is in his super random Norman Gentle attire… for whatever reason, this never gets old for me.

– Has anyone ever laid down on the Idol steps before?? Nice shoutout to the “lady in the purple shirt”…

Lil Rounds and Queen Latifah duet. Nothing interesting to see here… no really. That was incredibly boring.

Anoop and Alexis are starting in on the amazing “I’m Yours” by Jason Mraz…. and hello, Mr. Mraz. Weird facial hair aside, I effing love this guy and want to do him. The three of them sound really quite fabulous together. And with the rest of the finalists, I think this may be my most favorite finale group sing… or at least in the top three.

– The journey of Kris Allen… was quite a journey indeed. These montages always make me get all teary eyed… Smokey loved him, Jamie Foxx loved him, Kara said he was a dark horse. And don’t even get me started on all of his adorable shocked faces when he advances to a bigger level. I heart him.

– Kris is singing with Keith Urban… not gonna lie, this song does absolutely nothing for me.

– The ladies are singing the popular about two years ago “Glamorous“… and lordy, is Megan the worst sounding contestant the top 12 has ever seen? Because I can find NO redeeming factor in her voice.

– I’m so over Fergie and the Black Eyed Peas. Seriously dudes. I love her heels, but I hate this song. Allison is wearing THE cutest dress, though.

– Another Golden Idol for “best attitude” or some crap… featuring Bikini Skank, methface girl and some other freak… and Bikini Skank wins and comes on stage in another bikini and OMG HELLO FAKE TITS. Simon even said “wow”. And he’s jaded.

“I was gonna ask you what’s new, but I think I know.” Oh Seacrest, how I love you. You earn that insane paycheck.

– Skank is butchering Mariah again like she did in her audition… somewhere Mariah is like “oh HELL NO”.

– Well hello Kara… I don’t like you, but you sound a hell of a lot better than Bikini Skank, who does not look thrilled at being upstaged. In the audience, David Cook approves.

– I love that Allison is singing a slowed-down acoustic version of “Time After Time” with Cyndi Lauper. I still don’t believe she’s 17. This is probably the most spot-on duet in a number of seasons.

– Kris’ parents are so freaking adorable. Although Mama Allen really shouldn’t be wearing that dress. Adam’s parents look a little more “city”… but still adorable.

Danny Gokey sings “Hello” by Lionel Richie and all I can think is “I miss David Cook.” Man, Lionel has aged really well. As much as I love his songs… this has to be the cheesiest duet EVER.

– The screams for Adam were WAY louder than those for Kris.

Adam’s journey on Idol as set to “Viva la Vida”. And I don’t know but I think Adam has invested in some serious ProActiv since his audition. God he’s bloody sexy.

– Okay, anyone who still thinks Adam is straight after seeing him in this ensemble is freaking blind. It looks like “The Crow” mated with “Rocky Horror Picture Show”.

OMG KISS! Do I really need to say more?? Other than the fact that Adam is completely holding his own with these guys…

– Hello Carlos Santana… I think this is the closest thing Matt will have to a solo tonight, which is no bueno. And now all the Idols are decked out in red and black singing “Smooth“. Adam and Kris pull off the sexy, while Jorge and Gokey make a worthy attempt. Looks like Alexis is back to not wearing pants. Allison and Adam are so BFFworthy together. I love that blind Scott is making more of an effort than Megan is. I’m seriously worried he’s about to fall off the stage.

– This Ford video shows even more that Adam and Kris are the best top two EVAH.

– Scruffy looking David Cook surprises the dudes with their own new Ford Fusion, and both guys know what’s going on pretty much immediately.

– Steve Martin and his completely random banjo skills join Megan and Michael in a duet. Wow, Michael is making me forget that I never liked him. He sounds great here, and he’s so freaking adorable too. Aww.

*cue quote from “Armageddon”*

“And this is the best that you – that the government, the *U.S. government* can come up with? I mean, you’re NASA for cryin’ out loud, you put a man on the moon, you’re geniuses! You’re the guys that think this shit up! I’m sure you got a team of men sitting around somewhere right now just thinking shit up and somebody backing them up! You’re telling me you don’t have a backup plan, that these eight boy scouts right here, that is the world’s hope, that’s what you’re telling me??”

– The guys are completely unconvincing while singing “If You Think I’m Sexy“… except Kris and Adam. Man, did we EVER pick the right two out of that group of dudes. Stop riffing, Matt. I love that Adam’s glory note drowns out everyone else.

– Damn, Rod. You’re sounding rough. Like, REALLY rough. Dig the used car salesman jacket.

– One last Golden Idol award! Oh hey Tatiana Del Toro. I’m pretty sure that “batshit crazy” is too nice of a description for you.

– I am still trying to figure out of this is scripted. I seriously have NO IDEA. Ryan told Tatiana not to come on stage but she does anyway, followed by two unsuccessful stage hands. If this is staged, Ryan deserves an Academy Award, because I honestly have no idea if it is or not. LOL at Ruben in the audience looking scared and/or confused.

“Both are victorious.” Best description ever. Kris and Adam’s duet on “We Are The Champions” … I think this is always the part of the finale that makes me all emotional…. WELL HELLO THERE QUEEN! Gokey, THIS is how you duet. Even though Adam is more bombastic, it’s still a duet and not a showdown. They truly respect and care about each other, and that’s so much fun to watch.

– And here we go to the actual results… Simon tells the guys they’re both brilliant, incredibly nice people and should be proud of what they’ve achieved.

KRIS ALLEN WINS! The finalists all look incredibly thrilled, Adam swoops him up in a huge hug. Kris is basically like, “are you freaking kidding me?” and continues to be speechless and humble and … oh wow, Simon is definitely NOT standing for Kris.

– Oh geez, does Kris really need to sing this crap song? Can’t he sing “Falling Slowly” or something? Oh well… he looks so adorable and overwhelmed. I can safely say that this is the first season of Idol where the winning Idol was someone I never once envisioned actually WINNING. But I couldn’t be more thrilled. Congrats Kris.

– And on a final note… Jorge has gotten a LOT of face time tonight! You go, Puerto Rico.

Why Adam Lambert could Win American Idol!!

Posted in American Idol by thedavidlewexperience on May 18, 2009

5 reasons why could will win Idol.

1. Castro District (San Francisco)

They are all rooting for Adam. Except the ones who think Kris is cuter.

They are all rooting for Adam. Except the ones who think Kris is cuter.

They have long been waiting for a new hero. And since Milk was the story of last year and first half of this year; It is time for Adam Lambert to take his place at the throne of Castro!

Scoot Over. There's a new Queen in town....and his name is....

Scoot Over. There's a new Queen in town....and his name is....



2. Clay Aiken Fans

These people love a contestant who aren’t allowed to tell the televised audience that they are gay during the show. They feel the contestants plight so they rally behind them so they can win.

Unfortunately the pack of Obese fans for Reuben was way too powerful of a tidal wave.

"We voted for Reuben. Then we bought these to celebrate his victory"

"We voted for Reuben. Then we bought these to celebrate his victory"

3. The closet gay vote.

"Are you voting for Adam? Me too."

"Are you voting for Adam? Me too."

How many men are there that are still in the closet just in love with Adam Lambert living their flamboyant Broadway dreams!?? They tell their wives that he is just a gifted singer but “totally gay” in a deragotory way. But in reality, they long for the days where they can stop being Insurance claims adjusters, break out the guy-liner and sing Wicked! Thats why they love Adam.

4. Broadway

Every poster is yelling "ADAM! ADAM! ADAM!"

Every poster is yelling "ADAM! ADAM! ADAM!"

How many Broadway singers feel that they don’t get their credit? Every time they hear Simon snarl “That was too Broadway. Too musical. Now get out of my face.”, they feel a slap in the face! Here is their chance to fight back. One of their own is going to show Simon that not only are Broadway singers amazing, but they can also be commercially viable in the current music state. TAKE THAT SIMON (says the chorus line member flipping him the finger. Using their jazz hand.)

5. Fag Hags/Fruit Flies

Grace was SUCH a fag hag!

Grace was SUCH a fag hag!

Wikipedia lists their definition as follows:

“Fag hag
is a gay slang phrase referring to a woman who either associates mostly or exclusively with gay and bisexual men”

In Adam, every one of these FH/FF’s see their current BFF. They love sitting on the couch next to their gay pal and listen to them fawn over Adam Lambert and his leather pants! All the while secretly wanting to vote for Kris Allen because they actually are attracted to him! But their gay pal checks their text votes to make sure they are voting for Adam.


Tune in Tuesday/Wednesday to see it all go down!

Then look out for our Idol Season 8 wrap up blog!!

Michael Jackson night fails to bring 13 continuous trainwrecks.

Posted in American Idol by midwesterntransplant on March 12, 2009

Stephani here! Here we go… the Top 13. The first round of the finals. A sink or swim round for many Idol performers.

First of all, I’m feeling like this season is a bit disjointed… there’s WAY too much focus on the judges. First with the semi-finals format forcing a wild card round [all of whom were chosen by the judges], the weird intro they had tonight and now some kind of results show twist? Seriously? if it ain’t broke, don’t fix it… but they are anyway.

Oh well… onto the people we actually vote for.

1.) Lil Rounds – The Way You Make Me Feel. First of all, WHAT is she wearing? White tapered mom jeans and a cotton candy pink loofah on her shoulder? Well, girl has stage presence, at the very least. She reminds me of a combo of LaToya and Fantasia from season three – shouty meets young married mom. She was good, but the continual pimping will keep her afloat.

2.) Scott McIntyre – Keep the Faith. I suppose it was this or “Heal the World”, right? I just knew dude would sing something inspirational. He busted out the grand piano and I think this was the best he’s been in weeks. Of course, that isn’t saying much because the main reason he made the finals was his super inspirational backstory and the fact that the judges treat him with kid gloves. I still want to see him stick around, though, if only to see how he handles the cheesetastic group sings and to see if they put him behind the wheel of a Ford in a pimpmercial. Yeah, I’m going to hell.

3.) Danny Gokey – PYT. All I could think about before he sang was, “Didn’t Justin Guarini massacre this song in season one?” Luckily, Danny fared much better, even though his totally off-the-wall dork dancing sometimes overshadowed his very good vocals. I like this guy, but I may not continue to if the judges keep pimping him to high heavens. The last guy who had great vocals and drunk-uncle-at-a-wedding dance moves was Taylor Hicks… don’t they hate him now?

4.) Michael Sarver – You Are Not Alone. God, I HATE this song. The video tainted it for me years ago… creepy. Anyway, he does a passable job and he keeps doing this creepy smiling thing during the song and I can’t get over how much he reminds me of Josh Gracin from season two. They’ve both got that whole “I’m American, freedom isn’t free, yadayada” thing going for them. Oh and in case anyone out there forgot, he works on an oil rig. Just saying.

5.) Jasmine Murray – I’ll Be There. Jacko sang this as a wee one with the Jackson 5, and Jasmine is the token pretty Disney princess of the season, so I guess this fits. Again, a passable job, but not at all exciting. I’d rather go listen to the Mariah Carey cover. Not to mention she was flat and looked like she was competing for Miss Teen Mississippi. Not safe.

6.) Kris Allen – Remember the Time. Oh, Kris. You are my token Idol crush for this season. You and your cute dimples and cute guitar playing and cute, well, everything. I suppose it helps that he’s quite talented, though he didn’t get much screen time so he needs to bring it to stay in the game. He was also very good tonight – he needs to bring out the guitar more often because it’s obvious he’s a better performer with it. The best part? When Simon called him out for talking about his wife because of the teenage girl vote, and wifey giving Simon a massive bitchface from the audience. Priceless.

7.) Allison Iraheta – Give In To Me. I like this girl. She’s super young, but it’s not obvious – she’s not a pretty pageant princess or anything. And her voice is unlike any other 16-year-old I’ve heard, except maybe Christina Aguilera back then. This was a great song for her and she rocked it out. I’m pretty sure if she doesn’t completely blow out her voice, she’s gonna make it very far. Then after the judges told her to be less dark, she makes a random comment about how she’s not on stage cutting herself or anything. I decided to vote for her after that.

8.) Anoop Desai – Beat It. The judges need to give the kid a break. He wasn’t bad – not great either – but hell, after their comments you’d have thought he sacrificed kittens on stage. They were right about one thing, though – it’s a very “karaoke” song unless you can seriously bring the angst and do something new with it. Unfortunately, Anoop Dawg seems like a nice guy who isn’t really capable of this kind of angst, so maybe he should have sang “In the Closet” or something. I dunno.

9.) Jorge Nunez – Never Can Say Goodbye. Holy cruise ship, Batman. This wasn’t bad by any stretch – but what was it? Oh right, boring. He’s got a great voice, but when I hear him sing I envision generic looking Chippindale waiters serving me Bahama Mamas by the pool on the lido deck. I don’t think this kid has long for this competition – unless Puerto Rico is the new Hawaii. Time will tell.

10.) Megan Corkrey – Rockin’ Robin. All the songs in the Michael Jackson catalog and she chooses THIS? There are no words, really… other than trainwreck. I can’t deal with her flailing that she tries to pass off as dancing, and she’s not a fit up here on this stage – she’s definitely more suited for smaller venues, and she’s completely outshined. I don’t care how “current” she is. And seriously, someone tell me what was up with those bird calls at the end?

11.) Adam Lambert – Black or White. The most flamboyant Idol contestant to date sings one of MJ’s most flamboyant songs. It’s quite fitting. Pimped-out lighting aside, I loved it. The level of talent, stage presence and self-awareness is so refreshing that I don’t care that he’s probably a ringer. For once I think the judges were totally spot-on with their over-the-top raves. I can’t wait to see what he pulls out in the future. Oh, and he’s hot.

12.) Matt Giraud – Human Nature. This kid is a professional. With both last week’s and tonight’s performances, he has completely erased the “Viva la Vida” debacle for me. Like Scott, he channeled his piano skills into a very impressive performance and all I could think was how much he resembled Justin Timberlake – both in appearance and performance quality. He didn’t need to bust out the glory notes here and this understated performance was one of the best of the night.

13.) Alexis Grace – Dirty Diana. I so wouldn’t have picked her for the pimp spot, but I guess someone new had to get it. Once again she channeled her inner Katy Perry and “dirtied” it up for America. I like her well enough, but she’s just… there for me. The pimp lighting made her performance seem so much better than it really was. I guess they need to prop the girls up this season, though, with the bevy of male talent they have.