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Venting about Season 9 and Top 12!

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"TOP" 12

"Top" 12 or Last 12 Left?

David Here! We dropped the ball the last week of the semi’s and didn’t post recaps or opinion columns!! As some of you know, aside from being too into American Idol, I’m a full time stand up comic. In the last few weeks I’ve been in Seattle, LA, San Francisco and Sacramento. So the only parts of Idol I’ve seen have been on Youtube. It does suck not being able to sit down and watch the episodes in their entirety; but when the alternative is performing and being on stage, I gotta pick performing!

Also, this season has been delivering serving after serving of letdown sauce! Andrew Garcia is the guy I’m rooting for week in and week out, but he has been stagnant. Don’t get me wrong, I still enjoyed his rendition of Sugar We’re Going Down and I thought the judges were a little too harsh on him. I also think that Genie In a Bottle wasn’t bad either. I’m not sure what the judges are looking for, except they really loved Straight Up! I mean Straight Up was epic, so would it be out of line for him to do it again if the theme allowed it?? Andrew needs to have a “Billie Jean” moment soon or his days are numbered.

Also I was very disappointed in the Top 12 in general. This probably the most bland Idols Top 12 has been since I’ve been watching (which is Season 4). Can anyone name the Top 12 in its entirety without referring to a web site or rewinding the DVR? Maybe? You’d probably forget Katie Stevens or Lacey Brown or Paige Miles (before she let her love of MJ loose last week) This and Season 6 are the seasons where there haven’t been too many star-making “moments”, just performances. Don’t get me wrong, I still love Jordin and Blake Lewis from Season 6 but the lower half of that season was average at best (except for Brandon Rogers! I still wish he got the words right! He should have been Top 5 easily)

Maybe we’ve been spoiled the last two years with great talents: Adam Lambert, David Cook, Kris Allen, Jason Castro, Syesha, Allison Iraheta, Danny Gokey,  Matt Giraud, David Archuleta

Even though this argument has some holes in it. Yes, you can’t really compare this Top 12 yet to previous years since we haven’t seen their full growth yet. David Cook was just coming into his own Season 7 with his rendition of Hello put him on the Idol map. Matt Giraud was eliminated then brought back last year with their “Why did they get rid of it” Wild Card round. So this Top 12 can’t really be judged until we can actually reflect on the growth of individual contestants once the competition is done.

But I can tell you so far (except for Crystal Bowersox who I can see struggling with some future themes and Andrew in dire need of a “moment”) any of the previous seasons contestants would own and win this years Idol without breaking a sweat.

So the gauntlet has been set for this years Idols! Lacey Brown was the first victim of the Big Stage and its now down to 11! You make it through this elimination you get to Tour with the Idols! So this is a pivotal week, make it count!



The finale LIVE-BLOG! by Stephani <3

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Out of courtesy to my West Coast readers, I delayed posting until now. You’re welcome.

[I’m watching this on Tivo so the times would not be accurate. So I will be updating with bullet points.]

Here we go…

– Opening montage of Kris vs. Adam from last night. Cue dramatic freeze-frames, spotlights, overpraise from the judges and Ryan Seacrest doing what he does best.

– Adam and Kris in white! Love them. SO sexy.

– Kimberley Locke and Janice “Muppet Face” Dickinson are in the audience!

100 million votes, kiddos… Ryan’s voice just cracked at that insane number.

– Randy Jackson is dressed like a black Howdy Doody. I wish I was kidding. Cue montage of him saying “for me, for you” over and over AND OVER AGAIN in his judging.

– New judge Kara DioGuardi and a montage of her patronizing habit of calling bad auditioners “sweetie” and/or “honey”. I hate people who do that.

– Paula “Vicodin and vodka” Abdul and a montage of her using freaking SAT words. Are you guys NOW convinced that bitch reads from a script?? Was she ever this articulate before? No.

– Simon looks bored. But here’s a weird montage of him saying “what?” over and over again. I don’t get it.

– Helloooo Carrie Underwood. Nice prom dress.

– Some fix Kris’ mic please. Oh wait, Adam’s is all wonky too. This show rakes in how much money and they can’t get this right?

– Oh hai Mikalah Gordon in Conway, AR. Why is this bitch on my TV and why is she interviewing a three year old?

– The less also-ran Carly Smithson is in San Diego for Adam’s crowd… she’s less annoying than she was last year, somehow.

– OMG “So What” from Pink! I can’t help but love this song… and I am completely amused at the lack of the “I guess I just lost my husband” line. I think this is the first and last time we’ll ever hear the word “tool” on this show in that context. Megan looks bored, Scott looks lost, Adam and Allison look rawker, Jorge is running around the stage, and Michael is pointing at me. Oh look, Jasmine got a mini solo. I almost forgot about her. And Alexis is finally wearing pants.

– Hello David Cook… singing his new single “Permanent” in honor of his recently deceased brother. I think he wore this outfit on Mariah Carey night last season. Either way, I love him… this is a beautiful song. There’s nothing but raw emotion here. I wonder if the black armband he’s wearing is for his brother?

– Hello Justin Guarini and Michael Johns. Two guys I thought were super hawt in their respective seasons.

Golden Idols! This always turns out to be full of LOLs.

– Okay, other than Norman Gentle, I don’t remember any of these guys… “I’m staying… I AM STAYING….” *cue molestation of the Idol logo* “Takes one to know one, sassy pants!” Oh I loved him. And Norman Gentle wins the Golden Idol… says he doesn’t even have a speech planned… uh huh… and OFF comes the clothes and here he is in his super random Norman Gentle attire… for whatever reason, this never gets old for me.

– Has anyone ever laid down on the Idol steps before?? Nice shoutout to the “lady in the purple shirt”…

Lil Rounds and Queen Latifah duet. Nothing interesting to see here… no really. That was incredibly boring.

Anoop and Alexis are starting in on the amazing “I’m Yours” by Jason Mraz…. and hello, Mr. Mraz. Weird facial hair aside, I effing love this guy and want to do him. The three of them sound really quite fabulous together. And with the rest of the finalists, I think this may be my most favorite finale group sing… or at least in the top three.

– The journey of Kris Allen… was quite a journey indeed. These montages always make me get all teary eyed… Smokey loved him, Jamie Foxx loved him, Kara said he was a dark horse. And don’t even get me started on all of his adorable shocked faces when he advances to a bigger level. I heart him.

– Kris is singing with Keith Urban… not gonna lie, this song does absolutely nothing for me.

– The ladies are singing the popular about two years ago “Glamorous“… and lordy, is Megan the worst sounding contestant the top 12 has ever seen? Because I can find NO redeeming factor in her voice.

– I’m so over Fergie and the Black Eyed Peas. Seriously dudes. I love her heels, but I hate this song. Allison is wearing THE cutest dress, though.

– Another Golden Idol for “best attitude” or some crap… featuring Bikini Skank, methface girl and some other freak… and Bikini Skank wins and comes on stage in another bikini and OMG HELLO FAKE TITS. Simon even said “wow”. And he’s jaded.

“I was gonna ask you what’s new, but I think I know.” Oh Seacrest, how I love you. You earn that insane paycheck.

– Skank is butchering Mariah again like she did in her audition… somewhere Mariah is like “oh HELL NO”.

– Well hello Kara… I don’t like you, but you sound a hell of a lot better than Bikini Skank, who does not look thrilled at being upstaged. In the audience, David Cook approves.

– I love that Allison is singing a slowed-down acoustic version of “Time After Time” with Cyndi Lauper. I still don’t believe she’s 17. This is probably the most spot-on duet in a number of seasons.

– Kris’ parents are so freaking adorable. Although Mama Allen really shouldn’t be wearing that dress. Adam’s parents look a little more “city”… but still adorable.

Danny Gokey sings “Hello” by Lionel Richie and all I can think is “I miss David Cook.” Man, Lionel has aged really well. As much as I love his songs… this has to be the cheesiest duet EVER.

– The screams for Adam were WAY louder than those for Kris.

Adam’s journey on Idol as set to “Viva la Vida”. And I don’t know but I think Adam has invested in some serious ProActiv since his audition. God he’s bloody sexy.

– Okay, anyone who still thinks Adam is straight after seeing him in this ensemble is freaking blind. It looks like “The Crow” mated with “Rocky Horror Picture Show”.

OMG KISS! Do I really need to say more?? Other than the fact that Adam is completely holding his own with these guys…

– Hello Carlos Santana… I think this is the closest thing Matt will have to a solo tonight, which is no bueno. And now all the Idols are decked out in red and black singing “Smooth“. Adam and Kris pull off the sexy, while Jorge and Gokey make a worthy attempt. Looks like Alexis is back to not wearing pants. Allison and Adam are so BFFworthy together. I love that blind Scott is making more of an effort than Megan is. I’m seriously worried he’s about to fall off the stage.

– This Ford video shows even more that Adam and Kris are the best top two EVAH.

– Scruffy looking David Cook surprises the dudes with their own new Ford Fusion, and both guys know what’s going on pretty much immediately.

– Steve Martin and his completely random banjo skills join Megan and Michael in a duet. Wow, Michael is making me forget that I never liked him. He sounds great here, and he’s so freaking adorable too. Aww.

*cue quote from “Armageddon”*

“And this is the best that you – that the government, the *U.S. government* can come up with? I mean, you’re NASA for cryin’ out loud, you put a man on the moon, you’re geniuses! You’re the guys that think this shit up! I’m sure you got a team of men sitting around somewhere right now just thinking shit up and somebody backing them up! You’re telling me you don’t have a backup plan, that these eight boy scouts right here, that is the world’s hope, that’s what you’re telling me??”

– The guys are completely unconvincing while singing “If You Think I’m Sexy“… except Kris and Adam. Man, did we EVER pick the right two out of that group of dudes. Stop riffing, Matt. I love that Adam’s glory note drowns out everyone else.

– Damn, Rod. You’re sounding rough. Like, REALLY rough. Dig the used car salesman jacket.

– One last Golden Idol award! Oh hey Tatiana Del Toro. I’m pretty sure that “batshit crazy” is too nice of a description for you.

– I am still trying to figure out of this is scripted. I seriously have NO IDEA. Ryan told Tatiana not to come on stage but she does anyway, followed by two unsuccessful stage hands. If this is staged, Ryan deserves an Academy Award, because I honestly have no idea if it is or not. LOL at Ruben in the audience looking scared and/or confused.

“Both are victorious.” Best description ever. Kris and Adam’s duet on “We Are The Champions” … I think this is always the part of the finale that makes me all emotional…. WELL HELLO THERE QUEEN! Gokey, THIS is how you duet. Even though Adam is more bombastic, it’s still a duet and not a showdown. They truly respect and care about each other, and that’s so much fun to watch.

– And here we go to the actual results… Simon tells the guys they’re both brilliant, incredibly nice people and should be proud of what they’ve achieved.

KRIS ALLEN WINS! The finalists all look incredibly thrilled, Adam swoops him up in a huge hug. Kris is basically like, “are you freaking kidding me?” and continues to be speechless and humble and … oh wow, Simon is definitely NOT standing for Kris.

– Oh geez, does Kris really need to sing this crap song? Can’t he sing “Falling Slowly” or something? Oh well… he looks so adorable and overwhelmed. I can safely say that this is the first season of Idol where the winning Idol was someone I never once envisioned actually WINNING. But I couldn’t be more thrilled. Congrats Kris.

– And on a final note… Jorge has gotten a LOT of face time tonight! You go, Puerto Rico.

the “other dude” as your American Idol? I think it’s possible.

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Here’s why Stephani thinks Kris will win tomorrow night.

This has been a very disjointed season. We’ve had a new judge, a “Judge’s Save” that was used more for the purpose of boosting ratings and creating drama, a top 13 and an unprecedented switch to the old semi-finals format. One would say, after the success of season 7, if it’s not broke why fix it? But with a top 2 unlike anything Idol has really ever seen, maybe it all makes sense.

The semi-finals were a wash. It was scripted to a T. We knew who the producer’s favorites were – the three who got pimp spots at the end of each round. Bloggers around the country were predicting by and large a Danny, Adam and Lil final 3. The “wild card” round was stacked to the brim with even more producer faves, including Anoop, Matt Giraud, Megan Joy and Jasmine. All four of which got through without a hitch.

In fact, one could argue that if Jasmine and Matt hadn’t chosen Sara Bareilles and Coldplay, respectively, on round 2 night, Kris and Allison wouldn’t even be a glimmer in the Idol fanbase’s eye. They were not pimped. We barely saw their auditions and their work in Hollywood. I mean, for the love of God, Kris sang a freaking Michael Jackson song, and Allison sang a song Carrie Underwood completely owned in season 4. Yet, they got through from the votes of the American public – surely, we saw something the producers [and, likely the test audiences] didn’t see, right?

Of course we did.

Allison, at a shockingly young age, did what Diana DeGarmo couldn’t do in season 3 – showed maturity and grit to back up her flawless vocals. Her performances of “Papa Was a Rolling Stone” and “Give In To Me” showed that she was probably a 40-year-old hard-lived groupie in a previous life. Kris, as cute and harmless as he seemed, busted out some intense chops and emotion when he nailed “To Make You Feel My Love” and “Ain’t No Sunshine” early on.

Don’t get me wrong, amidst all this, Adam was shocking the nation – his “Ring of Fire” was watercooler fodder for weeks and his subdued “Tracks of My Tears” had the songwriter, the immortal Smokey Robinson, on his feet and overwhelmed with emotion. His “Mad World” earned a standing O from the man who rarely even applauds for the contestants.

Meanwhile, Lil floundered on the big stage and finally fizzled out, whereas Danny’s smugness and inability to bring relevance and artistry to the Idol stage brought his inevitable boot at top 3, when most of the world had ultimately accepted the fact that he’d be in the final 2 with Adam, as it was predicted on top freaking 13 night by Paula [script much?].

But here we have Kris, who, against every Idol roadblock in the book, has made top 2 and – gasp! – has a really, REALLY good chance at winning. He’s the quintessential underdog. There’s been no arc planned for him. He’s doing what Elliott Yamin and Jason Castro failed to do – he has survived this, and he has only improved.

With all thsoe pesky non-singing ability factors in play [i.e. the Red State vote, the Christian vote, the “cute guy” vote] as well as his improvement, I think he’ll win. And as a fan of the underdog, I couldn’t be happier.

Rat Pack Top 5 Episode. Recap and MORE!

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It’s Official:

Adam Lambert WILL be our new Idol.

It is now a race for 2nd Place.
Our New Idol. Mark my words.

Our New Idol. Mark my words. For better or worse

After watching Adams performance of “Feelin’ Good” it is very apparent that he is poised to be our next American Idol. Everyone else in the competition is there for the sake of earning the DeGarmo spot.

The episode was pretty good overall. Nobody phoned in their performances.

Can you guess who the mentor was this week!?

HINT: He was NOT in the Rat Pack.

Mr. RAY himself

Mr. RAY himself

If my memory serves me, Jamie is probably the biggest star they’ve had in a long time. Also, he is a star that is still in his prime. We are usually privy to the Dolly Partons, Neil Diamonds, Andrew Lloyd Webbers… All stars in their own right, but Jamie Foxx is an A-List star NOW. So that’s a pretty big deal.

Jamie was a cool mentor with plenty of advice, and it also helped he was hilarious in the process. I wonder if this mentor gig was purposefully aligned with the release of his latest film The Soloist (which didn’t do very well in its first weekend, but maybe this will give it a nice boost).

Let me get this off my chest. The judges are more annoying than ever with some of the comments they are dropping. I understand that this is a singing competition. HOWEVER, a viable compliment from Randy Jackson can longer be (and this is a direct quote from his judging of Danny Gokey tonight:

“This is a singing competition, and you can SING!” (Insert crowd screaming trying to match Randys energy)

Another direct quote from Randy Jackson:

“You come out lookin’ like Brittany Murphy (*Random*). Lookin’ Dope. You sing like Pink, but with, like, 10,000 more octaves. That right there (arms flayling), yo, yo, yo (arms still flayling).”

Oh, Randy.

YO! This is a hot one AMERICAAAAAA!

YO! This is a hot one AMERICAAAAAA!

I mean, we started out with 100,000 strong auditioning. We are down to the Top 5. I THINK it’s obvious that they can sing. What a dumb thing to yell. It’s like yelling at a NY Yankee “DUDE YOU CAN REALLY SWING A BAT!”


"Blame it (Remix)" Jamie Foxx Feat. Kris Allen??? Possibly?

"Blame it (Remix)" Jamie Foxx Feat. Kris Allen??? Possibly?

Kris Allen got a ton of love from Jamie Foxx. Even said that he would cut a record with Kris if Idol doesn’t pan out. I wonder how many of these offers the mentors give actually get taken up. I have yet to hear Mariah Carey do a track with a former Idol. Or Dolly Parton do a song with Bucky Covington.

I gotta say…

Michael McDonalds long lost son??

the most surprising performance of the night was Danny Gokeys “Come Rain or Come Shine.” He sang with a swagger not seen the entire season. He stood on that Idol stage and said “I may have gotten here on the back of my wifes memory, but I stayed because of this voice!”

AWW… was that too soon???? I wasn’t the only one crying over his story back in the audition days! I was rooting for him to be good. But I also wanted his friend Jamar to make it. AND JAMAR should have made the TOP 12 easily!!! OH JAMAR, where art THOU!??

But I digress.

But I digress
But I digress

Allison Iraheta was up to bat next, and she was stellar as always. Her performances have never been short of brilliant to me. Considering that she is 17 years old… BTW:

Popular Idol from an un-popular season.

Popular Idol from an un-popular season.

HAPPY BIRTHDAY ALLISON! STILL JAILBAIT, BUT THATS ALRIGHT) The last girl this young to get his far won the whole thing…. Do we remember who??———————> That’s right. But will Allison be able to make it to the finale? If all the ladies rally around her and get their vote on… perhaps. No one in their right mind would disagree that she has an incredible voice, and she is a very marketable commodity in the pop music world of today. A latin Hannah Montana perhaps????

The boy has got vocals and style in spades

The boy has got vocals and style in spades

OH Matt Giraud. Wearing my favorite hats. He sang My Funny Valentine, and it was pretty damn good. But while I’m watching him (who is my favorite right now), I can’t help but wonder how Adam Lambert is going to trump this performance. And that’s the Lambert Effect (Which I will talk about in an upcoming blog!). Matt G does a very decent job of putting his stamp on MVF, but it still feels a bit karaoke. Which is why ultimately he will come up short in this competition.

Lastly, we have Adam Lamberts performance. OMG. This guy knows he’s going to win. He has got an attitude and swagger (twice in one blog. impressive) that no one else has.

As soon as I heard him say he was singing Feelin’ Good I thought about AJ Tabaldos brilliant performance….

THEN! I REMEMBERED ANOTHER PERFORMANCE… Leslie Hunt. OMG. Listen to the scat towards the end.

She obviously got eliminated, but watch this video of her performance on elimination night. Hilarious. Cut to about 2 minutes and 45 seconds into the video for the actual performance. She acknowledges her choice to scat. One of my favorite Idol moments of ALL time. Its worth watching the whole vid. I promise!!

Anywho back to Adam. Great performance, not his best. But it definitely cemented his status as the obvious front runner. Short of a upset not seen on Idol since the supposed Daughtry Debauchery (I was more upset that Elliott didn’t win that year, but I think we can all agree that Taylor did not deserve to win), I think Adam will walk away with this years crown.

So the end of the episode is here. And let’s see if I can name the songs

they sang without looking it up.

Kris Allen- The Way You Look Tonight
Allison Iraheta- Somebody Watch Over me (?)
Matt Giraud- My Funny Valentine
Danny Gokey- Come Rain or Come Shine
Adam Lambert- Feelin’ Good.

Not bad, Dave. Not Bad.

Not bad.

Not bad.

Who is going home, you ask???

hmm… I’m going to say that the person going home tonight…
The person with the least amount of votes…

The country has spoken and the person I believe to be going home will be….

Sad to see her go. But i'll see her on tour.

Sad to see her go. But i'll see her on tour.


Wow. It’s been awhile. Best Top 5 EVER??

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For those who have been keeping up. It has been a couple weeks since we’ve added any posts to our Utterly Horrendous Blog. LIFE HAPPENS. What can we say?


Oh Danny... You are soo boring now. But I stil love you!

Oh Danny... You are soo boring now. But I stil love you!

The Most Consistent Idol this year?

The Most Consistent Idol this year

Is Idol his to lose?

Is Idol his to lose?

Can the only female left be our next American Idol?

Can the only female left be our next American Idol

The judges used the save on him. Could he win the whole thing?

The judges used the save on him. Could he win the whole thing?

This is by far the most wide open Top 5 that the show has ever had. I can’t think of previous Top 5 that comes close. I think right now it’s Adam Lamberts to lose, because of judges pimping and due to girls blind eye to his very real homosexuality. And more importantly, the kid has got pipes (And not just the ones he’s laying.)

Lets look at the very serious competitors.

Danny Gokey– The very early favorite, But he has been suffering from Archuleta Syndrome (A.S. is a disease that strikes many early front runners. Its stunts their growth as an artist throughout the competition. A.S. also causes the contestant to pick very boring and predictable Idol songs). But Danny has been fighting the A.S. and has not been in the bottom 3 the entire year. But the gas in his tank is running out as we get closer to the Finale. We’ll see if he can kick it into overdrive with some memorable performances. Can YOU name a Danny Gokey moment this year??

Matt Giraud– The Soul man this year. He is by far my favorite Idol to listen to in the car. His studio versions of songs are amazing. I don’t think his personality has shone through enough. Also, after every performance the judges feel compelled to mention Adam Lambert and Danny Gokey in Matt Girauds critiques, which is very unfair to him. His song choices have been a bit more adventurous than I would have liked, but at least he takes risks. He went a bit vanilla with Have You Ever Loved a Woman, but I still liked it. Matt is least likely to win, but in any other season, he would have at least placed 3rd.

Kris Allen– What a season this guy has had!? I still feel like this kid made a mistake by mentioning his wife early on. The girls swoon over this guy more than any other guy this year, and the wifey broke their hearts. His versions of songs are creative and very much his personality. My favorite so far has to be Ain’t No Sunshine. That was definitely his “Imagine” or his “Billy Jean” moment.
Allison Iraheta– The little 16 year old that could. This girl is probably the best female rock vocalist the show has ever had. She has hints of Christina Aguilera in her vocal performances. She is the only female left, and if she goes home it’ll be the first Top 4 Guys in IDOL HISTORY! So NO PRESSURE ALLISON! If women gather up and support her, she could definitely sneak into the finale.

Adam Lambert– Wow. This kid has pulled in some performances. People point to Tracks of My Tears has an Idol Moment. But I challenge  you to not be more impressed by his rendition of If I Can’t Have You as one of the greatest in Idol History. He has had more “moments” than anyone this season. But he is also the most polarizing Idol EVER. I have never seen more people hate or love a contestant as much as Adam.  Barring any upsets, he will definitely be in our Finale in May.

Lets take a look at Previous top 5’s and compare!

Season 7

1.David Cook
2.David Archuleta
3.Syesha Mercado
4.Jason Castro
5.Brooke White

At this point we knew it was David and David. No doubt in anyones mind.

You get two David Cook vids

Season 6
1.Jordin Sparks
2.Blake Lewis
3.Melinda Doolittle
4.Lakisha Jones
5.Chris Richardson

eh. I don’t think anyone cared enough this season about the top 5. They were all fairly mediocre. This was my favorite Jordin Performance.

Season 5
1.Taylor Hicks
2.Katharine McPhee
3.Elliott Yamin
4.Chris Daughtry
5.Paris Bennett

Taylor won!? Still the most WTF? Winner of American Idol. Elliott was my favorite and is still my favorite idol ever (tied with David Cook). My favorite performance.

Season 4
1.Carrie Underwood
2.Bo Bice
3.Vonzell Solomon
4.Anthony Federov
5.Scott Savol

Really? It was Carrie Underwood or bust. Bo Bice had a nice following, but he had no chance. Remember ALONE?? Nuff SAID

Season 3
1.Fantasia Barrino
2.Diana DeGarmo
3.Jasmine Trias
4.Latoya London
5.George Huff

I didn’t watch this season, but Youtube clips and just hearing about this season; sounds like it was Latoyas to lose and Jasmine had Hawaii to thank for 3rd place.

Season 2

1. Reuben Studdard
2. Clay Aiken
3. Kimberly Locke
4. Josh Gracin

I’m going to need Stephanie C to chime in on this season and season 1 because I didn’t follow the show too well back then. But it doesn’t seem like Josh Gracin ever had a chance of winning, neither did Kim or Trenyce.

This is the only song I think of when I hear about season 2.

Season 1

1. Kelly Clarkson
2. Justin Guarini
3. Nikki Mckibbin
4.Tamyra Gray
5. RJ Helton

I’m pretty sure it was Kellys to lose. Even though I love RJ Heltons performance of I’ll be there.

Country night, Season 8 style. Wait, who here likes this crap?

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Stephani here! Grand Ole Opry night has come and go, friends. And thank heavens for that – I mean, seriously. I don’t think any of these guys are going to go on to record country music, and the only contestant who *might* was a hot bag of crap tonight. So on we go… at least it wasn’t a *total* trainwreck.

1.) Michael Sarver – Ain’t Goin’ Down Till the Sun Comes Up. You know you did a shitty job when bloody Josh Gracin from Season 2 outsings you on a song. But again, this was never meant to actually be a “real” Idol song, it’s one of those songs you try to sing all drunk at a dive karaoke bar in Oklahoma [I should know, I love to sing this song]. There’s just too many words! And I’m not convinced he sang them all! [I know all the words, for the record]. Oh my heck. And to make his case worse, he talked back to the judges. BIG no-no. Please get voted off go back to being Bruce Willis on an oil rig, you country smart-ass.

2.) Allison Iraheta – Blame It On Your Heart. Aw, I still like her, with her cute mushmouth and fabulous cherry-red hair and her growly so-not-16-years-old voice. That said, country isn’t this chick’s genre, but she did her thang [tm Randy]. She does this adorable little Ruplestiltskin dance in her workshop with Randy Travis [which, thank God, she did not do on stage] and then I was reminded again that she was born in effing 1992. At least she did better than I thought she would.

3.) Kris Allen – To Make You Feel My Love. Dudes, this isn’t even *really* a Garth Brooks song, it’s a Bob Dylan song. Anyway, with that aside, I still want to take young Kris home and do wonderfully bad things to him. He showed his softer side – which, without a doubt, had fangirls from coast to coast squealing like they were at a Jonas Brothers convention. He didn’t use his guitar – and he still shone without it. He’s got a beautiful voice. But it HAS to be said – with a song this slow and romantic, couldn’t they at least have given him some awesome pimp lighting? Like seriously, I thought I was staring at the blue screen of death while watching him, and that was *weird*.

4.) Lil [not Little] Rounds – Independance Day. Girl, now it’s a damn good thing you didn’t take Randy’s advice and sing that overblown cover of “I Will Always Love You” that every freaking diva in America thinks they can nail. But four seasons ago Carrie NAILED this – and recorded it. She didn’t match up, sadly. Not to mention this song is one of the biggest forms of country music buzzkill [a mom kills her husband and herself and then the daughter goes on to tell her story? Yikes] and should probably never be sung ever again by someone not named Martina McBride. Even that’s a push. But she was alright – just not amazing.

5.) Adam Lambert – Ring of Fire. The first “love it or hate it” performance of the season! I loved it, the husband wanted to throw our brand-new LCD TV down the stairs after it was over. Sure, it was unconventional and Middle Eastern and kind of weird, but my lil’ theatre boy SOLD IT. I felt like I needed to go get tested for chlamydia after watching it. This is what Constantine from Season 4 wanted to be but epically failed. Yeah, sure, it was a little indulgent – but I’d rather hear this than Adam trying to straight-face it through some Garth Brooks. And for those saying Johnny Cash is rolling in his grave? Not likely. The Man in Black covered genres all the freaking time.

6.) Scott Macintyre – Wild Angels. Well, this is a refreshing change – someone other than a glory-noting wannabe diva singing Martina McBride. Kinda warms my jaded, hardened heart. Once again we see Scott in his comfort zone, behind the piano, and I feel his interpretation is pretty damn good. Sure, he’s the musical equivalent of Xanax, but he’s definitely improving every week. And Paula, seriously, give the blind kid a break! With this recession going on, Idol can’t afford to hire extra stage hands to keep Scott from accidentally walking off the front of the stage, so let the kid sit, k?

7.) Alexis Grace – Jolene. Yikes. I’m sorry, this is one of my favorite songs EVER, and it needs to be sang with ANGST and LONGING. None of this vocal riffing shit. Dolly sang it straight; hell, Brooke sang it straight last year even if she got a bit smiley in parts. But seriously, girl, quit dressing like a call girl and feel the raw emotion behind the song. No one cares about melisma when you’re singing fucking DOLLY PARTON. [By the way, this is what I hoped Adam would sing – the White Stripes version, of course. He would have nailed it.]

8.) Danny Gokey – Jesus Take the Wheel. Dude, we get it – you’re a church-going kid, a choir leader, and your wife died. You love Jesus. But this is the WORST SONG IN THE HISTORY OF THE WORLD for so so so many reasons. The preachy, nonsensical lyrics completely kill it for me no matter who is singing it – and I like Carrie Underwood. He wore a jacket that made him look like the sixth member of NSync and while his vocals were technically very good, I didn’t get that he was feeling it that much – which I suppose you have to do when you’re singing about Jesus literally taking the wheel of your car before you crash and die.

9.) Anoop Desai – Always On My Mind. I love me some Anoop. I love me some Anoop when he gets all 1980s and sings songs by artists who are now persona non grata. But I LOVED this – his vocals were spot-on, he brought emotion to the table and he definitely redeemed himself in the judges’ eyes. If he keeps singing songs that aren’t karaoke staples, he could make it very far this season, which would please me to no end.

10.) Megan Corkery – Walking After Midnight. Still don’t like her. Still don’t know why the judges have to give her the damn money shot after she sings. Because, seriously – they compare her to “current” artists, like Duffy or Amy Crackhead Winehouse or Adele. But the big, gaping difference between them and Megan is that they can sing extremely well and they can sell a song completely. Megan’s weird four-year-old dance moves [she is a single mom, after all] and half-spoken way of singing and inability to hold a note longer than 1.3256 seconds does not make her a viable pop star. And girl, please – put on a damn bra.

11.) Matt Giraud – So Small. If the judges want to talk about current, take this kid – he’s got aspects of John Mayer, Justin Timberlake, John Legend and Robin Thicke all wrapped up into one very pretty, very Jason Segal-lookalike package. I hadn’t heard this song before he sang it and after hearing it, I can’t imagine Carrie Underwood making it her own. The judges love him. I love him. But one minor gripe – why do they give Scott [y’know, the BLIND guy] a hard time for always using the piano, but not Matt? It baffles me.

So Michael grumbled a lot of words. Allison tried to make country sound like punk rock Miley Cyrus. Kris went all heartthrob. Lil avoided R&B on country night and got bitched out for her troubles. Adam confused most of America, especially the bible belters. Scott continued making very pretty sounding muzak. Alexis missed the point completely. Danny yelled a lot about Jesus and shit. Anoop showed there’s more to him than bad 1980s has-beens. Megan jumped in the running for Kellie Pickler 2.0. And Matt took one step closer to assuming JT’s throne.

See ya tomorrow for the results!


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-This is a minute by minute reaction and update of the show. If you saw the show and want to know what was running through my mind during the show, then read on. I go performer after performer. And I cover what the judges say to each. And any funny or quirky conversation will also be mentioned
If you want JUST my quick favorites and shit performances, skip ALL the way down until you get SUMMARY!


How Green of them.

How Green of them.

It’s St. Pattys Day. So here we go.
The judges walked out again! Still awakward and unnecessary.

Unnecessary and awkward

Unnecessary and awkward

Top 11 come out. And Adam still dresses the part, and it seems pretty natural. Sometimes you see people try the rocker look and it seems posed. Him, I think its real. Because it borderlines feminine rock. So therefore it suits him.
GOO montage. Makes me want to download some Randy Travis.

•MICHAEL SARVER Ain’t goin’ down til the sun comes up- WOW. I LOVE THIS SONG. Its a damn hard song to sing, even being me in my car by myself. So I can’t imagine pulling off these lyrics in front of a crowd. Here we go… I think he will.

Its a little manic. Not as manic as I thought it could have been. He possibly broke the record for most lyrics sung in the allotted time given on the show.

The judges will be medium to cold on it. Simon will hate it.


Randy-Medium. Thought the vocals were too easy.
Kara- She missed the big notes. MICHAEL says Country is about havin’ “Some fun”
Paula- Loved that he fun. Thats what I got through her stuttering.
Simon-Simon wanted it to be good, but didn’t understand a word he said. Calls it clumsy (Crowd boos cause he’s telling the truth)

WOW. Michael responds “if we were perfect, we wouldn’t need this show.” Ryan asks Simon if he liked the performance or not. Simon responds “on a scale of 1-10. I’d give it a 1.2.” Really? You put this guy through over 100,000’s of people. You’d give that performance a 1.2?? You are a schmuck for that one. But he is who he is.
Commercial break.

•Allison Iraheta Patti Loveless- Don’t know the song. But her package with Randy was cute. Theres a controversial dance move. Lets see if she’ll do it.



I like it so far. This song sounds familiar. She made it current. Like her hair, outfits appropriate. No dance move yet…

Big note coming I think…nailed it.

The judges will love it. Simon will think that its current.


Kara- Sing the alphabet comment… Made the song her own. Getting better and better.
Paula- Another rock solid performance. Tells her to experiment with her vocals, be vulnerable.
Simon- Good. Possibly struggling with the words? She says so. Verging on percocious (I saw that too. I bit indulgent)

GOOD job AL.

•Kris Allen– Garth Brooks song- (?) Cool package. Randy seems sincere with his comments. he’s very chill.

Guitarless?  I’m liking it. These are the vocals I remember hearing from the Hollywood rounds. Nice false son! He seems very

Kris is doin' his thang!

Kris is doin' his thang!

comfortable with this genre. Simon might think it was a bit depressing or boring. He’ll need a big note to be satisfied.

Ended with a falsetto. Nice. I liked it. My favorite so far, by a mile. Good look too.

Paula- Honest and pure. Pleasantly surprised.
Simon-Wow. He thought it was terrific. Great song choice. Completely in control.  First time he thought that Kris as a chance of doing really well in this competition.
Randy-Tender moments from his dawg Kris. “Tender Dawg”
Kara-Didn’t feel Opry-like. It was very Kris Allen.

Kris is my favorite tonight so far. BUT Danny and Adam haven’t gone yet.

Commercial Break

•Lil Rounds She has fixed her hair. Congratulations. Shes singing Martina McBride Independence Day. Wow. Thats balls. Carrie Underwood killed this song in season 4. And everyone else has perrished with this song. So here we go.




She said shes going to sing without her R&B tinge. We’ll see.
Is she going to prom??? Why does she dress this way? I don’t like it.  But this is the first verse, so the big parts coming. Here we go. INNNDEEPENDENCE DAY… Wait, where did it go? Another part before that. OH here it comes…

Nice. She almost had a moment. That last part was better than the first. Hated the ending.

The judges will gush and call her the next whatever. Here we go.

Randy- Ambitious song choice. Front part he didn’t like. It didn’t feel comfortable! THANK YOU FOR KEEPING IT REAL.
Kara- The 2nd half was the Lil we love. TRUE. Lil did what she felt, so good for her. Not her best.
Paula- Everything is going right for Round… (LIES. haha). Paula said she should have sang just one verse instead of two. I agree.
Simon- “Look, little.” haha. He has trouble with her name. “It came over as one of those girls who has to sing a song someone else requested, and felt and looked uncomfortable.” I AGREE!  “The song wasn’t you LIL.” AND I AGREE. he suggested doing what every other R&B singer does: Take a country song and make it there own. I AGREE!


So I think Lil was trying to pick something new and doing something different. She said that 1,000 times. She wasn’t as dorky as before, which I hated. I need the dorky Lil.

OOOH here comes Adam L!

-Commercial Break-


Ryan asked if Adams performance will have the Adam signature. And he said “YES” This video package is hilarious. Randy T said

Randy Travis and Adam L. AWKWARD!

Randy Travis and Adam L. AWKWARD!

“Im nervous. I don’t know what to say about this boy.”Hilarious.

Sitars? Im interested. I love that jacket! Very LA. Im digging this. Big Notes coming??  DUDE can sing. Period. The most unique performance EVER on this show. PERIOD. Wow. And apparently his theater friends are in the crowd for him. He definitely polarizes the entire audience.

Kara- She thinks it strange. The egyptian feel, all very strange. She kind of liked it.
Paula (gushing already)- Adam is true to who he is as an artist. Great choice of song. Loved it.

This dude is a rock star. HEY Rockstars can be GAY!

This dude is a rock star. HEY Rockstars can be GAY!

Almost Led Zeppelin type.
Simon- *Throws hands up* “Randy was trying to say WHAT THE HELL WAS THAT?” People are throwing their TV sets out the window. That was absolute indulgent rubbish.” Damn.
Randy (Comes to the rescue)- Imagine NiN doing country, and that’s what it would be. I AGREE! GOOD Job Randy!
Hands down. The first performance I want to re-watch tonight. That encapsulated Adams essence. BRAVO MAN!

-Commercial Break-

•Scotty Mac– Wild Wings- Scott, my man, you are very eh, blind eh, but eh still.  He makes Christopher Cross look like Trent Reznor. I hate his song choices. He’s boring.

Paula- She doesn’t want him to use the piano because she believes that theres a disconnect. (Eh, I think its more about song choice)
Simon- He calls the idea of him getting rid of the piano STUPID! Paula asks him to not be disrespectful. Simon calls her disrespectful. Then says its more song choice than the piano. THEN COMPARES SCOTTY MAC to Elton EFFIN’ JOHN? Really? NOPE! WRONG! *ALARM SOUND* WRONG.



Randy- Randy wants HOT INCREDIBLE vocals (which I have never heard from Scott)
Kara- Calls Simon and Paulas squabble “a fight.” Tells Scott he brings class and poise to the stage. (I guess)

I just don’t think he’s a good singer. He is more of a composer and piano player at this point. I hear Randy Yell “RAY CHARLES WEEK” haha nice.

•Alexis Grace– Jolene- I wasn’t a big fan of this song when Brooke White. And I’m not a big fan of it when this girl sings it. They said she looks like a young Dolly Parton. Really?? Missing two BIG elements! BREASTS

Randy- It didn’t work. Good song choice. Not a great performance.
Kara- Wanted her to sing an angry country girl song.
Paula- Enjoyed the vulnerable side. NEW DRINKING GAME: EVERY time she says Vulnerable, take a shot.
-Commercial Break-

Danny Gokey!!! Video package: Can’t get the words!! Jesus Take the Wheel. Very touching… I might cry. Here we go.

The first performance to make my roommate go nuts. And with good reason when he hits the chorus!! AMAZING!!! This kid has got the chops! Tears came from my eyes and my roommates eyes. HE JUST HAD A MOMENT! AND HE KILLED IT. Wow. wow.

I wonder if he was thinking about his wife. Sadness!

I wonder if he was thinking about his wife. Sadness!

wow. wow. wow. wow. wow. wow. wow. wow. wow. wow.

Kara-  Didn’t like the first half. Shes NUTS. but she said the 2nd half was amazing.
Paula- Carrie would rush out and buy that version.
Simon- Simon agrees with Paula. But tells Kara that Danny can’t possibly scream the entire song.
Randy- Agrees with Kara. You need to support the verses. Good Advice.

I was expecting way more praise. But the crowd loves him to death.

•ANOOOOOOP Desai– You’re always on My Mind- Willie Nelson. Boring video package, but nice.

Here we go.

HOODIE!?? TOP 11? U look like a college student who stopped by Idol to sing a song!

HOODIE!?? TOP 11? U look like a college student who stopped by Idol to sing a song!

WTF are you wearing!???? Playa, take some advice from people around you. Dress like a singer.

Nice tone to his voice though. THOUSAND times better than last week. ANOOOOOP! FROM BOLLYWOOD TO HOLLYWOOD!!

Not a good look bro!!

Not a good look bro!!

Paula- He’s back! Proud of him to pick a song to put his interp on it. His vocals are tender and honest.
Simon- Anoop went from zero to hero. One of Simons favorite performances of the night. NICE
Randy- It wasn’t Anoop jumping around… The arraingment was great.
Kara- Almost untouchable song. Karas opinion best performance of the night.

-Commercial Break-

•Megan JO– THE RESIDENT HOTTIE! singing I go walking after midnight… never heard of it.

Here we go.

Sexiest Sleeved girl in Idol history! Take that CARLY!!!

Sexiest Sleeved girl in Idol history! Take that CARLY!!!

It was alright. Im just never blown away with her vocals on an Idol level. But I could imagine the right album being made for her and me buying it.

Randy- Impressed.
Kara- Impressed that you came out with the flu.
Paula-Lets people know that she was in and out of the hospital this week. She is a fighter.
Simon- Says she should have the flu every week.

Snottie Hottie! I still love her even if shes sick!

Snottie Hottie! I still love her even if shes sick!

Ryan hands her a handful of tissues. Says she has Influenza B??

here comes Matt G TO CLOSE IT!

-Commercial Break-

•Matt G So Small by Carrie Underwood. Randy is unsure in the video package. But at the end he is excited for America to see it.

Pauld standing and at Mid clap FOR MATTY G!

Pauld standing and at Mid clap FOR MATTY G!

Here we go.
Soulful. I like it. At the piano, where he belongs.  Amazing. Amazing. My 2nd favorite performance of the night.

Kara- Loved it.
Paula- Bless Carrie for letting them perform those songs.
Simon- Believes Danny out sang Danny G tonight…
Randy-His favorite too. Says that he reminds him of Buble and Timberlake.



What an amazing show… MILES better than the show last week. This one felt less like karaoke and more like a singing competition.

OUTSTANDING PERFORMANCES by ANOOP! Danny G! Matt G! KRIS A!! AMAZING GUYS! This could be the top 4 we are looking at in the finale.

Lil Rounds continues her underwhelming. She might not get to her Token Black Chick 3rd place spot after all! We’ll see!


Alexis Grace- Lost in the fray, as I guessed she would.
Scotty Mac- EH!
Michael Sarver- I had higher expectations. MY BAD
Megan Joy- HOT but the vocals aren’t Idol. But I would definitely buy her cd if she had a decent single.


Its time to call it a wrap Scotty Mac! Sry! SEE UR WAY OUT!



Michael Jackson night fails to bring 13 continuous trainwrecks.

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Stephani here! Here we go… the Top 13. The first round of the finals. A sink or swim round for many Idol performers.

First of all, I’m feeling like this season is a bit disjointed… there’s WAY too much focus on the judges. First with the semi-finals format forcing a wild card round [all of whom were chosen by the judges], the weird intro they had tonight and now some kind of results show twist? Seriously? if it ain’t broke, don’t fix it… but they are anyway.

Oh well… onto the people we actually vote for.

1.) Lil Rounds – The Way You Make Me Feel. First of all, WHAT is she wearing? White tapered mom jeans and a cotton candy pink loofah on her shoulder? Well, girl has stage presence, at the very least. She reminds me of a combo of LaToya and Fantasia from season three – shouty meets young married mom. She was good, but the continual pimping will keep her afloat.

2.) Scott McIntyre – Keep the Faith. I suppose it was this or “Heal the World”, right? I just knew dude would sing something inspirational. He busted out the grand piano and I think this was the best he’s been in weeks. Of course, that isn’t saying much because the main reason he made the finals was his super inspirational backstory and the fact that the judges treat him with kid gloves. I still want to see him stick around, though, if only to see how he handles the cheesetastic group sings and to see if they put him behind the wheel of a Ford in a pimpmercial. Yeah, I’m going to hell.

3.) Danny Gokey – PYT. All I could think about before he sang was, “Didn’t Justin Guarini massacre this song in season one?” Luckily, Danny fared much better, even though his totally off-the-wall dork dancing sometimes overshadowed his very good vocals. I like this guy, but I may not continue to if the judges keep pimping him to high heavens. The last guy who had great vocals and drunk-uncle-at-a-wedding dance moves was Taylor Hicks… don’t they hate him now?

4.) Michael Sarver – You Are Not Alone. God, I HATE this song. The video tainted it for me years ago… creepy. Anyway, he does a passable job and he keeps doing this creepy smiling thing during the song and I can’t get over how much he reminds me of Josh Gracin from season two. They’ve both got that whole “I’m American, freedom isn’t free, yadayada” thing going for them. Oh and in case anyone out there forgot, he works on an oil rig. Just saying.

5.) Jasmine Murray – I’ll Be There. Jacko sang this as a wee one with the Jackson 5, and Jasmine is the token pretty Disney princess of the season, so I guess this fits. Again, a passable job, but not at all exciting. I’d rather go listen to the Mariah Carey cover. Not to mention she was flat and looked like she was competing for Miss Teen Mississippi. Not safe.

6.) Kris Allen – Remember the Time. Oh, Kris. You are my token Idol crush for this season. You and your cute dimples and cute guitar playing and cute, well, everything. I suppose it helps that he’s quite talented, though he didn’t get much screen time so he needs to bring it to stay in the game. He was also very good tonight – he needs to bring out the guitar more often because it’s obvious he’s a better performer with it. The best part? When Simon called him out for talking about his wife because of the teenage girl vote, and wifey giving Simon a massive bitchface from the audience. Priceless.

7.) Allison Iraheta – Give In To Me. I like this girl. She’s super young, but it’s not obvious – she’s not a pretty pageant princess or anything. And her voice is unlike any other 16-year-old I’ve heard, except maybe Christina Aguilera back then. This was a great song for her and she rocked it out. I’m pretty sure if she doesn’t completely blow out her voice, she’s gonna make it very far. Then after the judges told her to be less dark, she makes a random comment about how she’s not on stage cutting herself or anything. I decided to vote for her after that.

8.) Anoop Desai – Beat It. The judges need to give the kid a break. He wasn’t bad – not great either – but hell, after their comments you’d have thought he sacrificed kittens on stage. They were right about one thing, though – it’s a very “karaoke” song unless you can seriously bring the angst and do something new with it. Unfortunately, Anoop Dawg seems like a nice guy who isn’t really capable of this kind of angst, so maybe he should have sang “In the Closet” or something. I dunno.

9.) Jorge Nunez – Never Can Say Goodbye. Holy cruise ship, Batman. This wasn’t bad by any stretch – but what was it? Oh right, boring. He’s got a great voice, but when I hear him sing I envision generic looking Chippindale waiters serving me Bahama Mamas by the pool on the lido deck. I don’t think this kid has long for this competition – unless Puerto Rico is the new Hawaii. Time will tell.

10.) Megan Corkrey – Rockin’ Robin. All the songs in the Michael Jackson catalog and she chooses THIS? There are no words, really… other than trainwreck. I can’t deal with her flailing that she tries to pass off as dancing, and she’s not a fit up here on this stage – she’s definitely more suited for smaller venues, and she’s completely outshined. I don’t care how “current” she is. And seriously, someone tell me what was up with those bird calls at the end?

11.) Adam Lambert – Black or White. The most flamboyant Idol contestant to date sings one of MJ’s most flamboyant songs. It’s quite fitting. Pimped-out lighting aside, I loved it. The level of talent, stage presence and self-awareness is so refreshing that I don’t care that he’s probably a ringer. For once I think the judges were totally spot-on with their over-the-top raves. I can’t wait to see what he pulls out in the future. Oh, and he’s hot.

12.) Matt Giraud – Human Nature. This kid is a professional. With both last week’s and tonight’s performances, he has completely erased the “Viva la Vida” debacle for me. Like Scott, he channeled his piano skills into a very impressive performance and all I could think was how much he resembled Justin Timberlake – both in appearance and performance quality. He didn’t need to bust out the glory notes here and this understated performance was one of the best of the night.

13.) Alexis Grace – Dirty Diana. I so wouldn’t have picked her for the pimp spot, but I guess someone new had to get it. Once again she channeled her inner Katy Perry and “dirtied” it up for America. I like her well enough, but she’s just… there for me. The pimp lighting made her performance seem so much better than it really was. I guess they need to prop the girls up this season, though, with the bevy of male talent they have.

D-Lew’s recap of MJ Night on IDOL.

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In the immortal

words of The Dells

“Oh, What a Night”

The Idols put on one helluva Karaoke session, mixed with some real singers.

I had an initial mix of excitement and worry with the theme of this week being Michael Jackson!

How I want to remember him.

How I want to remember him.

My first suggestion for the rest of the shows:





Them being introduced was as awkward as Sanjaya

girl crying when Sanjaya hit the stage. Never

again.Lets have them sitting as always.

Next suggestion:





When Simon DOES not go last, it is blasphemous.

We all wait to see what Simon thinks of the performance. Randy will say his usual Dogg-ness, Kara will either hate or love their CHOPS. Paula will be Paula and make a little bit of sense. (She has been dropping the word Sexy a little more loosely this year…) But Simon is the only one that actually has something constructive to say. Or at the very least is excrutiatingly honest. EXCEPT during the MJ episode, where he liked Scotty Mac a little too much, or when he was proverbially sucking off Adam after Black and White.


Randy says this is the first time that any of the top 13 can win it! WTF!?!?!?!!! ARE U INSANE. AMERICAN IDOL MICHAEL SARVER. YEAH FUCKIN’ RIGHT!!! And why are both Kara and Paula allowing their accessories on their dresses molest their necks.

Nice montage of Michael. They have ignored late 90’s to now MJ. Good choice there. I don’t need to see Blood on the Dance Floor MJ

1. Lil Rounds- Apparently Lil Rounds took dressing tips from Kara and Paula… Hated what she was wearing. She sang The Way You Make You Feel. Very Karaoke. Nothing special. But I knew throughout the whole performance that the judges will be in love with everything she does. And the judges do love it. But its all very generic. But she’s SAFE for sure.

2. Scotty Mac. AKA DJ Blind Boy- Can’t they throw on some glasses on Scotty Mac???! He’s an okay singer. But not a finalist. I don’t remember this song. Didn’t like anything about that performance. The judges are going to love it…. and it will be annoying. At least Simon was honest and said it was okay. HE MIGHT BE IN TROUBLE.

3. Danny Gokey!- The first real performance of the night!! He sang P.Y.T. and nailed it! His dancing was over the top, but he was just in the moment. Can’t fault him for that. His whole performance was amazing! Didn’t think he’d speed up the tempo. I never seen this side of Danny G. Im diggin it. Its getting close to him yelling a lot of it. He’s so safe it’s ridiculous!

4. Michael Sarver- As much as I wanted him to suck it, he was alright. He hit some notes I didn’t think he could. The judges were ambivalent towards him at best. Should’ve been a trainwreck, instead it was only mildly boring. But he’ll be safe.

5. Jasmine Murray- Ms. LISA Tucker 2009! She sang a more obscure MJ song, and it was average again. But she hit some impressive notes. She’s not as bad as LT was at this point in season 4.  Best part were the last notes of the song. SHES SAFE.

6. Kris Allen- Remember the TIME?? ATTA BOY! Liked it a lot. Thought the guitar was a little unnecessary.  And Simon was right… Should NOT have mentioned the wife sooo soon. It’ll hurt him later on.

7. Allison Iraheta- I don’t remember the title of this song, but she ripped it! It was one of his more smooth sexy songs, and she tore it up!  SHES SOOO SAFE its not even funny.

8. Anoop Desai- OOOH ANOOP! OOOOH ANOOP! WHY OH WHY!!! I was very letdown by him. He was one of my favorites to at least go on tour

9. Jorge Nunez- Not interested at all. He might be one of the 2 going home tonight.He’s a latin Clay Aiken. He’s this years Jasmine Trias. Done and Done. So he’ll be safe.

10. Megan Joy Corkrey- ROCKIN ROBIN??! Really?? She looked hotter than ever. Love her sleeve more and more every week.  Terrible song choice, but she sang it like she sings every songs. This was hella karaoke.

11. Adam Lambert- Wow. He did things I have never heard any other idol even attempt! I thought this was the most explosive performance in quite sometime on an uptempo song like that. OH HE IS SAFE LIKE A MOTHA F***A!

12. Matt Giraud- BRINGING THE SOUL BACK!!! Way to go singing Human Nature. Back on the keys my man! Way to go! I wish that they would have spent less time talking about Adam L performance and more time on how good Matt G did. Simon said at one point “Too bad you had to go after Adam.” HE’S SAFE!

13. Alexis Grace- Dirty Diana. Nice choice. I think Allison couldn’t sang the shizzy out of this song. And Simon had the best dime of the night. “It wasn’t good as you thought it was.” She’s safe though. Unless her phone snafu sends her home!

Who might going home:

Scotty Mac.




Alexis Grace if her phone number situation messes up.

Top 13 Predictions!!!

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The show is airing on the west coast in just under two hours.

Here’s my quick predictions as to what Michael Jackson songs each contestant will be singing tonight.

Michael Sarver-As much as I would love to see this guy sing Don’t Stop til You Get Enough. But I don’t think thats going to happen. Im going to guess that’ll he’ll be the one to sing That Girl is Mine.

Scotty Mac- Heal the World. He’ll make it through with the sympathy vote.

Jasmine Murray- This young lady who may suffer from Lisa Tucker syndrome. She may flame out on the big stage. And she will be singing the ballad Ben.

Adam Lambert- I can’t decide if he’ll do fast Mike or slow Jam Mike. I would love to see him rock to The Way You Make Me Feel. But then again I think he would be able to sing She’s Outta My life (but that will probably go to Danny Gokey)
Danny Gokey- I think this kid is going to do awesome tonight. Either with Shes Outta My Life. But at the same time, he may do You Are Not Alone and have a moment.

Anoop Dogg!- I know this guy, if he wants to stay will have to do a fast jam. I think he’ll go Remember the Time

Matt Giraud- Definitely ballad. maybe a soulful version of Beat It.. That could be a moment.

Megan Jo Corkrey- I dont care what she sings. I just know for a fact, that her arms will shake, and I will stare at her tattoo. Because I think her tattoo might be better than last years plant. You know who!!

Lil Rounds- Shes going to have a bomb performance. And I think shes going ballad. But I can’t figure out which one she’ll do.

Kris Allen- He already did Man in the Mirror, and did it well. So I think he might step up the tempo. Which will probably be a mistake. So he might actually do Dont Stop til you get enough… Well see.

Allison Irhaeta- Love this chick! She can sing any MJ song. Im absolutely juiced for her. Who knows…

Jorge Nunez- He has to do Ben. or Heal The World. Because he is absolutely cheesy. He may even sing some of the lyrics in spanish!

Alexis whatshername???- I’ve already forgotten her since the semifinal round allows ONE fuckin’ performance!!!!! So she’ll sing her ass off!!! Maybe Smooth Criminal!?!??

Alright here we go. Im about to watch it!!! Stay tuned! FOR MY RECAP BLOG!!!! ALSO MRS. STEPHANIE SHOULD HAVE HERS UP SOON!!