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Imagine performing there? Intense.

DAVID HERE. Hollywood week has arrived! And we couldn’t have wanted more out of it! We got Ellen (more on her later), Andrew Garcia, Crystal Bowersox and other standouts! Also I noticed a lot more terrible performances considering these people were sent through over 100,000’s! I get bad makes for good TV but some of the crap performances were from people whom we saw little from before! Btw, is anyone else getting the feeling that the show is REALLY trying hard to find the next Taylor Swift?? I’m absolutely getting that vibe (Janell Weaver, Charity Vance, Katie Stevens…)

We also said goodbye to some Utterly Horrendous favorites that we had spotlighted during the audition process. One favorite didn’t even go to Hollywood. Danelle Hayes, who was our favorite audition in Denver. Forgot about her, here’s her audition:

Turns out that this beautiful lady had a history that Idol didn’t want to deal with. According to RadarOnline, her rap sheet is fairly extensive (DUI, Marijuana possession). Some of the occurrences were when she was a minor, so they should have been forgiven. Especially considering the fact that these auditions occurred LAST YEAR! They did not have to show her audition at all. They could have left her anonymous, since she wasn’t able to move on in the competition anyway.

Some of the favorites we said goodbye to were:

Erica Rhodes (former Barney kid)

So beautiful, we will see here again in the future.

Bernadette DeSimone

She will definitely be missed by me.

Paige Dechausse

Would have loved to see her go farther into the comp.

Matt Lawrence


Shouldn't have touched Gwen.

The first days of solo performances brought out some great great performances. I’m sure there were some stellar ones that they didn’t air. But I will go on the record and say that the best solo performance EVER on the show for Hollywood Week goes to Andrew Garcia and his incredible rendition of “Straight Up”. Check it out:


Another stand-out for me was Janell Wheeler. Beautiful and crazy good voice…

Now for the moment we have all been waiting for MONTHS! The anticipation has been building! Ellen has arrived on Idol! It seems like yesterday that we saw this footage from the Ellen show

Here’s a clip from E! News showing Ellen on the judges panel for the first time.

First of all, let me tell you that I have been ecstatic from the beginning about her judging on Idol. I think she is the funniest female comic the world has ever heard. She is Top 10 comedian of all time, and she has proven herself a ratings juggernaut with her daytime talk show. For those reasons alone, I knew this would be an amazing idea. People have been complaining about her as a judge, suggesting that she knows nothing of the music industry and she’s unqualified to judge a singing competition. I argue that by saying as a superstar comedienne for 20 years+, she knows what it takes to be a crowd pleaser. And that is number 1 when it comes to being a pop sensation. As a comedienne she has to have full control of the audience, like a singer. So she knows EXACTLY what to look for in the next American Idol. Lastly, she has been a huge supporter of the contestants, having them on her show after their elimination. So I think the first week of Hollywood gave us a glimpse of how great its going to be having Ellen on the judges panel.

What was that?? U want me to get to the Ground Round!? WELL, OF COURSE!

OH GROUP DAY! HOW I’VE MISSED YOU!! *Stephani will be providing the Top 10 Hollywood moments later* One thing I have a problem with Group Day is that the show is about finding the best performer, not group mate. So why leave your fate up to 2 or 3 other strangers? The group day is only for the drama, and don’t get me wrong: I LOVE THE DRAMA! But a lot of contestants that were great have fallen because of group days. Nonetheless, I love watching Group Days. There are always a few stand out performances. For example this performance of “Irreplaceable” from Michelle Delamor, Ashley Rodriguez, Charity Vance.

Actually, watching it again; not as good as I remember it. haha. But I don’t edit myself. I’m leaving it in, and i’ll just add another video of a group I enjoyed. This is Team Awesome, which is made up of Seth Rollins, Michael Castro (How come he hasn’t been acknowledged once?! Oh cause he goes home after this.),  Michael Lynche, Tim Urban. Unfortunately Seth Rollins was sent packing. I always root for the bigger guys with great voices.

Speaking of DRAMA!!!! Team Neapolitan VS. Destiny’s Wyld!

Wow. This was my favorite storyline of the episode (next to the Mary Powers power-trip over poor Hope Davis). Apparently the very loud Destiny’s Wyld (Theri, Todrick Hall, Jareb Liewer, Siobhan Magnus) feel that Team Neapolitan (Liz Rooney, Thaddeus Johnson, Jessica Cunningham, and Paige Miles) stole their idea of singing Lady Gagas “Bad Romance” A cappella. Btw, I’m going on record as saying Jareb Liewer has become the most annoying contestant with the LEAST amount of stage time! WOW! I didn’t hear him sing til Destiny’s Wyld, but he has been seen screaming and yelling in the background of many episodes. So, I’m going on record as saying I am not a fan of his. With that being said, here are the two videos of both groups performing.

I can’t talk about G-Day and not mention Mary Powers and that mess of a group! Wow. Hollywood week is known for bringing the worst out of people, and here’s hoping that is the worst out of Mary Powers. Not a cute side, at all. Also in that video showed the group of Andrew Garcia, Katie Stevens (Who has been amazing), and J.B Afhua (who has auditioned in the past I think). That group sang the heck out of Alicia Keys “No One” So keep an eye out for that.

Overall, the first week of Hollywood delivered above in talent as well as drama! My continuing frustration with Hollywood week is the number of performances we see. I understand its a matter of logistics, but I’d love to see more than 5 groups perform during group day; or 8 solo performances the first day. I understand they edit the show for us to grow attached to certain contestants, but it’d be nice. That’s all I’m saying.

Well, there you have it! 1st week of Hollywood is in the bag! We have 70+ contestants left to whittle down to 24. By this time next week, we will have our top 24. Unless of course you read spoilers, then you already know. But I’m old fashioned!


Los Angeles + Dallas = big states, big personalities

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Stephani here giving you the latest roundup in Idol audition awesomeness… Los Angeles and Dallas. Two very dynamic cities, known for widely different demographics. The two biggest states in the lower 48 [as we Alaskans call it]. What can we expect??

Well, for one, here are some of the Idol alums that have come out of these two audition cities in previous seasons…

From Dallas… Kelly Clarkson, the O.G.

Jason Castro, laid-back dreadhead from season 7

And from LA… Adam Lambert, last season’s glittery diva

Katharine McPhee, singer/actress/runner-up from season 5

So I think it’s fair to have some high hopes from these two cities, no? We had four interesting guest judges to choose from as well…

In LA we had Avril Lavigne [circa. 2002] and Katy Perry!

And in Dallas… the one and only Neil Patrick Harris and Joe Jonas [the “cute one” from the Jonas Bros.]

So I think it’s safe to assume that the theme for the LA guest judges was “quirky but sexy female singers with questionable fashion sense”, and the theme in Dallas was “pretty singer/actors who are sex symbols to both men and women”. I think that sounds about right.

So now… my Top 5 auditions of the week. In random order.

5.) Kimberly Carver, Dallas

I really liked her jazzy style, she sang her own song and it wasn’t a massive trainwreck! Most people sing some pretty terrible originals [except General Larry Platt, of course] but she sounded quite awesome. Simon wasn’t a fan, but he really isn’t into the non-cookie cutter females as it is.

4.) Erica Rhodes, Dallas

She was a child actor on “Barney and Friends” [not gonna lie, I Googled her to see if I recognized her] and now wants to show her “sassy adult” side to the judges, lookin’ all dominatrixy and wielding a fierce whip… which was an effective gimmick that did not use the overdone “I was sick once in my life and now I’m gonna tell Ryan Seacrest” hook. And she sang En Vogue! What a wonderfully nice 90s-esque audition. Oh, and she was really good, too.

3.) Mary Powers, LA

I seriously liked her… whether it was the 80s-grunge-punk thing she had going, or her spot-on Pat Benatar, or her awesome eyeliner, I thought she was great. And her snarky daughter was hilarious. More kids should be junior Simon Cowells.

2.) Chris Golightly, LA

Chris had a sad life, y’all. He was an orphan. Which is no laughing matter but it doesn’t surprise me that almost every good singer this year had a crappy life. He looks like an albino Justin Guarini and he sang “Stand By Me“! That will certainly tug every heartstring in America. But in all seriousness, I liked him a lot. And I really hope he shows some artistry instead of becoming Danny Gokey v. 2.0.

1.) Andrew Garcia, LA

This guy is getting a lot of buzz, and rightfully so. And I can even respect his “sad backstory” hook – his parents were in gangs, he was raised in Compton [that place is no laughing matter]. And he sang “Sunday Morning” by Maroon 5 almost better than the original. I think people will remember him.

And now for the bottom 5 of the week… also in random order.

5.) Austin Fullmer, LA

Okay, I could not stop laughing at this kid, he reminds me of one of my best friends [who is addicted to speed metal], is trying to channel Mick Jagger and is for some reason singing a Cheap Trick song with a severe British accent. Hilarity at its best.

4.) Vanessa Johnson, Dallas

[couldn’t find video, here’s a pic, thanks TopIdol!]

Please put away all that pink. No one in their right mind wears hot pink eyeshadow. And your highlights confuse me.

3.) A.J. Mendoza, LA

Okay so apparently this kid really can sing, but he did himself no favors here. He chose a semi-obscure rock song [‘Cult of Personality‘ which I know best from Guitar Hero 3] and tried to rock it while name-dropping Adam Lambert. Didn’t work, kiddo.

2.) Jason Greene, LA

He looks like an even more androgynous Johnny Weir and sang the only song the Divinyls are known for, ‘I Touch Myself‘. No one who sings this song should expect to be taken seriously.

1.) Julie Kevelighan, Dallas

Okay first of all, this chick auditioned in Season 1 [!!!] and was TERRIBLE then. I remember she sang a hilariously awful version of ‘Lady Marmalade‘  and told the judges she had a vocal coach. Uh huh. Well, nine seasons later and nothing has really changed, except this time she had a big sign, a bedazzled turquoise cocktail dress and way too much shimmery eyeshadow. And she sang ‘Black Velvet‘ this time, because it hasn’t been massacred enough at karaoke bars around the country already.

Share your thoughts in the comments!